Last visit to England Milinkevich

During a visit to the British Parliament Alexander Milinkevich held talks with the control commission Foreign Affairs ruling party leybaryskay Eric Joyce. Politicians discussed support applets civilian society in Belarus, the situation with the media are independent and political repression in the country. One of the main topics was the cooperation between the EU and Belarus on the criteria put up by the European Commission.
"I turned to the Emperor Eric Joyce requested to become an ambassador Democratic Forces Belarus in England. He often visited our country and knows the situation from within. Very fundamentally, so Belarusian topic did not disappear with the attention of European politicians and journalists — said Alexander Milinkevich.
Meeting with the management of international organizations in the protection of media freedom "ARTICLE 19" politician lifts questions provisions Belarusian media, protection of journalists’ rights. Open a discussion joint support applets Belarusian media.
During a visit to the office of the International human rights organization "Amnesty international" Alexander Milinkevich discuss protection of political prisoners in Belarus, reports the press service combined demsiav favorite.
"Activities in support of political prisoners" Amnesty international "as priorities in their activities. After the creation committee" In defense of Dmitry Dashkevich "" Amnesty international "beginning share — correspondence in defense of Dmitry Dashkevich, which, according to the organization, is One of the most large — said joint favorite Democratic Forces Belarus.

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