Man with stone Vidzy

In Vidzy yes, in general, on the Braslav Uncle Mieczyslaw everyone knows. His works are almost in the eyes. On the way to Braslaw of Vidzy — stone bear. Braslava from Minsk — weighing nine tons of hero-horse. In the center Vidzy — beautiful girl. And libraries — symbolic stone-head hats. Librarian and local historian Tatiana Plyashyvava recalls:
"About 10 years reversing a story. We were given land with beets, and we treated them hoes. Watching, Beyner takes plow., He looked like Ilya Muromets. From it then just draw a picture. Time passed, knocked down — one lives …"

Me greybeard with bolshennymi hanging mustache, stocky man. States that close to home medical source whose voditsa his life force gives. Sovereign Beyner narrates the special, like his work, his own history of ecstasy, the secrets of creativity:
"There I had such thick chisel-adkolniki. So you need to somehow apply. Initially statue made of wood, and later came to the stone enthusiasm. A pension — 180 thousand. Life is hard, as the Alliance collapsed …"
Midst of politicians, not counting Lukashenko, calls Poznyak. In 1994 they scored in almost flush Vidzy votes. Now the owner of the manor tele no, Radio does not work. Spartan decor — table, wardrobe, tools. Again about it, does not cool as stone, passion.
I asked the master: "Here you are currently doing the lion. To the king of animals special aversions?"
"Yes" — is responsible. And explains: "In St. Petersburg there lions — I went to Karelia for recruitment. Curious — are sitting like a man, paw paw. Admire. Incidentally, two colonels and purchased for 400 thousand Belarusian. Toad Who did — a lion is better (laughs) . "
More interested: "You yourself are doing sketches or memory?"
"From memory, I do not draw. Stones I brought the machine — 35 thousand paid. Excavator small that manure ship, loaded and brought 5 pebble. I have over 40 years 5 chisel changed. Hands of the hammer comes, even skin does not feel. From marble — softer, and Belarusian rock hard … "
Last woodcutter yes guard loves morning.
"Naturally, as you start early, great. When the sun shines, it is clear you can see everything on the stones …"

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