Ministry of Education proposed universities teach Belarusian language

This was said in response to the Deputy Minister Kazimir Farino on appeal chairman public associations "Society whiteRussian language behalf Skarina " Oleg Trusova about teaching the course "Belarusian language (Prof. vocabulary)."
The Deputy Minister noted that the proposal of mandatory study course focused on "improving the training of trained professionals to be have Belarusian language by Professor level. "The letter also says that the beginning of the 2008-2009 school year universities" active tips presentation of this course. "
O.Trusov recalled after introduction of new comprehensive standards of higher education Education Ministry abolished the course "Belarusian language (Prof. vocabulary)." In this situation TBM management organized a collection of signatures of people and appealed to the Presidential administration for a return rate in the study programs from universities.

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