Nazarbayev is not going to go around the RF

President Vladimir Putin flew to Kazakhstan immediately after the parade in the day of victory. The program trip extraordinary Russian favorite, now he held talks with President Nazarbayev, now they fly together in Turkmenistan, to the President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov. May 12, Putin will return to Kazakhstan and a day or two will be the guest of President Nazarbayev.
All experts agree that the purpose of such a long tour Russian president — to prevent the construction of gas and oil pipelines bypassing Russia.
After the crisis in the relations of Russia with Belarus and Ukraine, accompanied by disconnecting the supply of oil and gas EU countries, intrigued by the Union in other Russian energy sources has increased dramatically. To this bit of pushing and rising Russian energoelementov in the fuel mix European states.
Putin important Krakow
Time to the nearest fraction of the vast oil and gas supplies from Central Asia through Russia also made. There are several pipeline projects bypassing Russia — Odessa-Gdansk and Nabucco gas pipelines transkaspiyski.
Nedavneshnih on negotiations with representatives of the new Turkmen South American favorite Berdymuhamedav read about in transkaspiyskim intrigued us, Kazakhstan had enthusiasm for transit corridor Odessa-Gdansk.
Now after talks with Putin, Nursultan Nazarbayev, speaking of oil transit, said:
"Kazakhstan is fully committed to ensure that most, if not all, took place on territory of Russia."
Moreover, a favorite of Kazakhstan refused to attend the summit in Krakow, which begins tomorrow. This meeting of Governors of Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Georgia and Azerbaijan convened on the initiative of Polish President Kaczynski to discuss the ability of the completion and use of the Odessa-Gdansk. President of Kazakhstan since the end of March patsvyarzhav their willingness to come to Krakow. But presently preferred talks with Putin.
Uranus instead of oil and gas
As incentives to dissuade from Kazakhstan role in unnecessary projects for Russia, Moscow has offered its services in Astana, Kazakhstan’s development of nuclear power. Who signed the Russian-Kazakh agreement on development in Irkutsk international uranium enrichment center.
According to Russian newspaper "Kommersant," the emergence of new transit routes tsentralnaazyyatskih energoelementov turns Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan junior partners of the Russian Federation in its rivals. The newspaper writes that during Putin’s visit will convince Nazarbayev and Berdymukhamedov to establish control over the flow of energoelementov manufacturers in Europe, so it is not installed by consumers.
Belarus, with all its allied relations with Russia, impartially interested in the success of projects in other pipelines. Worth remembering nedavneshny visit Alexander Lukashenko in Azerbaijan, where the topic was one of the main. By the way, Azerbaijan participates energy summit in Krakow.

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