New procedure for acquiring currency while ordinary people will not touch

Official dealer of the State Bank Anatoly Drozdov states that abstract concerns only entrepreneurs who wished Belarus would buy the currency to take her abroad and already there to start a business.
"Take it to a currency exchange or on the interbank market for Belarusian rubles he had not allowed. In other words, we are in the interests of the country reduce pressure on the money market, so we wish, that investments were in the country rather than abroad. Because after the entry into force of this annotation to waste their money on the projects can be cash proceeds and after the payment of taxes. Man thinking about creating? Gained currency — squander. But when you work in the domestic market and you only rubles, then, sorry, razvivaysya here. "
The State Bank assured: the interests of ordinary people abstract does not affect how they can get before the currency in huge quantities.

According to official statistics, in 2006 the Belarusian banks purchased 907 million dollars more. This is 64% more than 2005.
During January-February 2007 banks sold nearly 600 million bucks — it is 40% more than in the first three months of 2006.
According to the Ministry of Statistics and Analysis, wages This year decreased by 6%. Prices grow not only in Belarusian rubles, and, based on the Bucks. For the year by approximately 14%.

Tatyana Markova realtor says that at the moment safest investment — real estate. In Minsk, March square meter rose by 190 bucks:
"The rise in prices has always been. Simply, he was much less or a bit more. But even at these prices at the moment demand as before more than it offers. Some still hesitating — how to build a suitable amount: either try to take credit, or some- where friends borrow some amount. But frankly becomes less credits issued and when people start to think about the legalization of its income from tax, the demand will be the least noticeable. "
Another option investing funds — large appliances and computer equipment. Since early April, these products have risen in price by 20-25%. Projected to August prices will rise by 20%.
Psychologist Misha Dernakovski convinced activity in money matters is directly depending on the feeling of comfort and stability in society. And if a man is not afraid to keep money in the bank, it shows confidence in the next day.
"Typical thirst accumulation is dependent on the stability of human feelings. If a person feels an element of impermanence, it naturally tends to keep money in for yourself. Is an urgent need for these funds to invest in something (in real estate, gold), to change the currency . If the feeling of impermanence smallest man believes that it will continue, a year or two, of course, he is ready to invest in various activities and invest in banks, investment in any projects. "
For that amount of money, or what would you sell? The survey on the streets of Grodno.

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