On svinavodchay farm farm Path atrocities happening tips (1937)

"Star" in 1927 contains a report to A.Charvyakova days of printing: "We blame that in Russian there is no press freedom. Indeed, we have the freedom to impale workers and farmers. Rabkorov selkary and we have extraordinary freedom of criticism. And then our print freer than at least some bourgeois … We can not go and never go out in order to allow our country the existence of printing which is intensely fought against the Russian government, which is building socialism. "
"Bolshevik Polessye" in 1937 reveals: "At svinavodchay farm farm" Path tips "Krukavitskaga village council Domanovichsky area atrocities happening. Iorkshyrskay 10 sows breed, purchased in Last year, not given any farm manure 1st Parasenko. These svinamatki aparasili NOT live piglets … Inspected facts when svinamatki eat pigs. Eating frequent cases of piglets during aparosu. "
"Lim", year 1957. Fedor Jankowski writes about the transfer of the Belarusian Radio: "The quality of their would-be much better if employees and radio artists with more attention and demanding with regard to language. Listens to from time to time transfer enthralling, and suddenly — indifferent pronunciation or incorrect grammatical form. Unpleasant and sickening! Often speaker or actor, talking about the fight for higher productivity, the struggle for dobrayakasnuyu product itself makes unforgivable marriage. "

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