Paul leads Seviarynets educational work on chemistry

In the book collection navachasnyh Belarusian prose works, also books on the history of Belarus.
In addition policies donated to the Library tucked into a beautiful framed copy of the XVI century engravings depicting Sitnenskaga castle.
June 4 will be a festive opening of the memorial sign at the place where the castle stood. It was built in 1563 Muscovites, and during the Livonian War (1558-1582 years) it took twice troops majestically Duchy of Lithuania. After the war, the castle has two Sitna years was border fortress on the border with Muscovy.
Memorable symbol of the castle will be installed on the initiative of Paul Sevyarinets who handled by this occasion to the district authorities requesting them as chairman Malasitnenskay branch of the Society Belarusian language.

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