Peggy GIAC: United Nations Member States have not announce Belarus

To This time Belarus against the candidacy of a coalition of more than forty public and international human rights groups with around the world. Elections will be held on May 17.
At two places in the Eastern European section of the Council, except for Belarus, Slovenia and Bosnia claim. "Human Rights Watch" criticizing today’s formal practice of voting in the Council with so referredand "clean lists."
As thesmiling in the statement of the organization, "elections can only be fair in this case, if any of the 97 member countries of the UN to write on the ballot the name of the candidate."
For one of the leaders of «Human Rights Watch» Peggy GIAC unclear "how UN members can justify voting for Belarus. "She believes that the election of Belarus only destroy the credibility of the Council and the UN General Assembly.
By Peggy GIAC, "Belarus — a country that has 6 months to reverse the public refused to cooperate with the UN Council on Human Rights. Council Special Rapporteur Adrian Severin deprived Belarusian authorities ability to make their own mandate and track down the situation in the country. "
"Only the 1st of this is enough to say" no "Belarus — convinced GIAC. — In turn, the official Minsk in connection with the nomination of his own candidacy stated that cooperates with the UN mechanisms in the field of human rights. The Belarusian side assured in my own determination to make international commitments Human Rights . "
• Nomination of Belarus is not "a scandal" and "two scandals", 15.05.2007 • Alexander Milinkevich appealed to States — members of the UN, 15.05.2007 • PACE Committee: Belarus has no place in the UN Council on Human Rights, 14.05.2007 • Human rights activists criticize the function of the UN vote, 14.05.2007

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