People will follow those who propose action

"Instead of working with people — work" among themselves "
Tsigankov: "In a democratic coalition co-chairs will be 5 — so decided to delegates of regional conferences of the United Democratic Forces of Belarus. They voted for the formation of the Political Council, on the basis of the quota principle for political actors. The only area where regional conference has not collected a quorum — Mogilev.
Ales Chyhir from Bobruisk — just one of those who opposed the regional congresses. What Ales You explain to your position? "
CHigir: "Now we need to talk to people and not among themselves. So it turns out that all of these regional meetings and conferences — a replacement concepts. Instead of working with people — work "among themselves": activists claim, which needs to be convinced. This is an imitation of activity. "
Tsigankov "Let’s read in plain text: no Do you have any memories that all it mattersetsya in order to deny the status of the individual in opposition favorite Milinkevich? "
CHigir: "Here again the replacement concepts. Milinkevich impossible to deprive him of his status. If in the same apartment in Bobruisk go and ask someone they know of the favorites of the Democrats, then Milinkevich is one of the few. Likely, it will be the only one who knows. Because Milinkevich has its own status among the people of Belarus. I think it’s more popular political figure in Belarus — after Lukashenko. "
Tsigankov: "Vladimir, you were present at some regional congresses. Why is there were adopted specifically such decisions? That this most democratic forces want to say to voters? "
"Came Milinkevich, sat on the side"
Glaude: "When I look at Milinkevich, involuntarily recall Stanislav Shushkevich, when he was chairman of the Supreme Council. They are intelligent people, both can talk to people, but can not bang his fist and say, "I command!"
I was at the last regional Minsk city assembly. Milinkevich came, sat on a bench on the side. Already some delegates did not stand and read: "You are the chairman, drive assembly." No. Milinkevich was to sit on the side. I think Alexander Milinkevich professional, intelligent, conscientious man, but he needs more toughness. At the moment, a time without it seems impossible. "
"People will follow those who propose action"
Tsigankov: "Part of the democratic activists do not agree with the decision of the co-chairs 5. Could this lead to the collapse of the unity of democratic forces?"
CHigir: "First, I have strong doubts about the democratic procedures of convening Congress. Why not register to vote collected some delegates? Why not allow some public organization?
In-2, there really laid mine slow action because part of representatives of the democratic movement will not accept this decision, because it is undemocratic. "
Tsigankov: "And they will do? Go to Alexander Milinkevich movement "For Freedom" or try to make something of themselves? "
CHigir: "People will follow those who propose action. When Congress will be asked to clear and concrete action and can be touch the future outcome of the act, then people will make that decision. After activists tired of all these procedures, the coalition configuration. We currently are on the verge of defeat. "
"After some time return to one person"
Glaude: "But the people who head the political council, just blame Milinkevich that action on his part was not enough. Not quite happened with personal control, we’ll see how the collective" politburo ".
Tsigankov "Experience fight undemocratic regimes indicates that for those who are struggling, need some incarnation nominations one person. Opposition activists will come to the people, and they ask, "Who do you have?" They will say: "We have 5 people …" Not weaken potential opposition is co-chair? "
Glaude: "Indeed, it is difficult, if not one catchy figure. But should people read that we have a collective responsibility, different forms of unity …
But I’m sure when the time of elections, the opposition will return to the same person. "
CHigir: "I do not share the optimism of Vladimir Glod. I see that every year the democratic forces, as shagreen, narrowed.
Activists on the ground tired of these fights. At every election, you must go in the same apartment and call the names of new favorites. Imagine I walk into the apartment and call names Seeds Domash later I call Goncharik, at the moment — Milinkevich. If I go to another one election and will refer families Lebedko, Kalyakin Vecherko, people I do not believe it.
People need something specific. At these congresses must decide what we can offer to people directly. A need to offer something from which they will not be able to abandon. Such proposals, I unfortunately, do not see. "

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