Recycled newspaper New Era exit

In Minsk office BPF now offer the freshest reduced number-independent newspaper "Novy Chas". Member of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hramada) Alex Lord said Radio Liberty, that the publication is also imitators newspaper "Consent".
"Together 2-editions of the newspaper resumed publication. Refreshed concept newspaper and its design. Greater emphasis is made on cultural activities. Has a page addressed to history. Also materials for our time."
Journalists of the weekly "Bobruisk courier" tried to learn things the inhabitants of the town to the planned year-independent TV satellite channel "Belsat". When the outcome — the creator Victor Kachan:
Kachan: "The absolute majority of the inhabitants of Bobruisk appreciates this fact. Arguments have been such that today’s political channels strongly little truth and a lot of hiding. People put their trust that on the new channel will be more about» impartial disk imaging. "
Baranovichi newspaper "Intex-press" now reports that the company’s debt payments to the town of the Social Security Fund has exceeded three billion rubles. Reporters learned: before debtors was 15 at the moment — 21. Now Slutskaya newspaper "Info-Courier" writes about the disaster in the district center at Easter. As reported by journalist Ales Dostanko, two people were killed and three others injured:
Dostanko "killed a boy and a woman. Chauffeur can not cope, flew into a ditch. A shuttle bus braked suddenly the city very much. People began to fall. One lady broke her leg. During the second ribs broken. Third very hit her head."

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