Salting Lithuania: Belarus should start negotiations with the European Union over the price of visas

Not so long ago took place in Minsk Tourism Exhibition. And many tour operators have expressed fear that This year may decrease the number of Belarusian tourists who holiday in the summer go to Poland and Lithuania due to the difficulty in applying for visas. Sovereign Bagdonas convinced
"The biggest problem of doing the queue so it is not always met all the necessary conditions. But we find such a method to Belarusians not needed standing in queues for fencing of about visas. And what about the price of visas … Neither citizen of Belarus, none bureaucrat allowed Lithuania reproach that we are indifferent this question.
Was not over 2 years probably not a single meeting in Brussels, so as not ascended this question at all control of Lithuania. We believe that it is incorrect to enter people of Belarus after our accession to the Schengen cost 60 euros for a visa. But what we can not do for Belarus, and that she could do — to start negotiations with the European Union over the price of a visa. If this dialogue does not work, then the cost of such a visa will be imminent. Ukraine, Our homeland and even find some levers Moldova — where the cost of the visa will be about 35 euros. "
Absolutely interview with Lithuanian Ambassador — later this evening air and on the website.

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