Signed an agreement on the criteria for recuperation of Belarusian kids in Italy

The agreement was signed by Minister of Education Alexander Radkov and CEO of the Italian Foreign Ministry for Italians Abroad and Migration Policies Adriano Benedetti.
As Alexander Radkov, the document approved by the Government, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the President.
The representative of Italy expressed confidence that the signing of the contract "will be accepted with joy as the children Belarusian and Italian families. "
39 Belarusian babies were adopted in Last year foreign nationals. 36 of them left for Italy, 2 — in Sweden, 1 — in Russian
Contract for international adoption Belarus signed so far only with Italy. This also explains the fact that virtually all adopted kids moved to new parents in Italy — in the cases of Sweden and Russia Belarusian kids adopted relatives of people these states.
Last summer, a pair of Italian home-Giusto Bornachin within 20 days hiding Belarusian orphan Vika Moroz in the Alps and claimed that the girl was the victim of physical violence and sexy in their own homeland.
Ultimately girlfriend returned to Belarus. In family zhodintsev Lena and Sergei Vassilievo Belarusian orphan Vika Moroz was arranged in Last year October 30.
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