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All women will certainly have something to repeatedly say "thank you" a revolutionary Coco Chanel — and for a little black rag around the body, long-recognized top elegance, and for the notorious flavor at number 5. But one in our latitudes is almost impossible to forgive her — fashion for a tan.

Fashion fortan Coco Chanel introduced accidentally. In the summer of 1923 she "zabronzovela" under the sun — only by negligence. Butladies plagiatorshi immediately dropped their lacy parasols and cucumber lotion and began to hunt for the sun.

The sun in our latitudes is not a frequent guest. And besides, ultraviolet radiation (both natural and portions unit issued in the sunroom) has long been suspected by doctors who do not get tired skin cancer scare fashionistas. But it turns out in our high-tech age of each "white-faced and black-browed" Russian beauty could easily become "mulatto-choc"And without UV light, and very fast. In the spring it can be very useful!

Tanned liver, or a magic pill

Now, almost any of life's problems can be solved without leaving the couch, with some sly pills. Imagine, there are pills and tanning: swallow them, you swallow — and after a while you admire its golden, or rather, orange-orange color.

However, although these drugs are still poorly understood, it is known that they contain the pigment canthaxanthin, paint over you from the spleen to the upper layers of the skin, can cause liver damage, skin irritation and serious eye problems. American "Food and Drug Administration" even banned a number of companies marketing the products. So the game is hardly worth the candle.

Fresh paint!

Another, more humane and very quick way — to paint over themselves not from within, but from the outside using the so-called bronzer and avtobronzanty. The first option is immediately put to rest — it's all the same, that is plastered from head to toe tone cream and hope that you will ask, "How is it, on the Riviera?" Rather than "You are from what madness? '. Bronzer very slightly stained skin, preferring to remain in divorce on your clothes.

Avtobronzanty, which come in the form of oils, creams, cosmetic milks, gels and sprays provide a deeper and more uniform skin color. In rare cases, you can even try to believe that you really zahazhivali on overseas beaches, although in reality this is the case: the sugar dihydroxyacetone reacts with the amino acids and proteins present in the skin keratin, resulting in formation of a substance similar to melanin. Stained only the upper layers of the skin, so after a few days (how many exactly depends on the degree of your affection for "scented soap and the towels are fluffy") from the Sun are only unconvincing memories, from which it is best to get rid of using lemon juice and salt. By the way, appears tan immediately, but after a few hours. But this time it is better not to save money — the longer the cream "slow", the more resistant the resultant color.

Avtobronzanty now a huge selection, price range, too. When a cosmetic product has additional "options", besides giving the skin of a particular color, such as hydration (avtobronzanty very dry skin) or a filter against ultraviolet radiation, it is unlikely to be "almost free."

If the support of domestic producers and limit goods "Economy Class"You can buy Bronzing and for 100 rubles. If you prefer imported "Middle-class»(L'Oreal, Nivea, Corine de Farme), going to the store, put in the purse of the order of 250. Finally, for the beautiful bottles with labels "Clinique", "Clarins", "Guerlain" or "Dior" will tear the heart 650-950 rubles. And this is not the limit: for example, tanning by La Prairie is about 2800 rubles.

Going out shopping, try to decide what exactly you want from it, and be sure to consult an expert. It is important to know that different means differ significantly from each other in color — and what a ticket in this lottery will fall for you, is not always one can predict. However, after the eminent manufacturers began to produce Dior'om not transparent and tinted funds, allowing in part to prepare for the consequences awaiting you.

Incidentally, the shop windows about to erect and novelty of the drug for cosmetic tanning — a daily moisturizing body lotion from Johnson & Johnson with the great title "Holiday Skin". Manufacturers hesitant to say that their creation does not leave any stains on the skin and through one or two of the day gives it a natural tan color. They also stress that the agent is not tanning. In short, the intrigue! But when you consider that the recommended price of the product is only 190 rubles, it is possible to succumb to this provocation.

Accident prevention

  • Do not use avtobronzanty if your skin irritated or damaged, and if you are pregnant;
  • do not smack a fever and did not use the tool in the day goodbye to the man of your dreams — for the bettera day or two try it on a small area of skin;
  • to "paint" with scrub, wash your skin and allow to cool;
  • elbows and knees "paint" the last to be careful with the eyebrows and hairline above the forehead;
  • after the application of carefully wash your hands and rub the nails lotion;
  • greedy to obtain a uniform color as a means can apply a thin layer, it can even be mixed with a conventional cream (and then repeat the procedure);
  • after the application of wander for a while (how much depends on the means), without clothes and without touching the hands of the body;
  • do not wash a few hours after his "body art", otherwise all efforts turn to ashes;
  • the back and the back of the legs entrust better someone of loved ones, and do not torture yourself.

Multi-colored shower

If you really firmly decided to change the color, painting itself can be trusted and beloved craftsmen. Benefit in salons offer this service almost everywhere. Previously, the procedure 'avtozagoraniya "at the beautician was not much different from similar manipulations in its own bathroom — everything was done by hand. Now, in the rank and file, you can look sprayed from a special spray-airbrush andmore advanced — are sent to a special booth, like a shower. While such automatic spray booths with avtobronzanty hardware and drying in Russia just appeared, so the first option is still cheaper. But manufacturers of complex structures promise that soon after artificial tan with "soul power shower" will be to break even retirees.

The main advantages of tanning salon that you just can immediately select the desired skin tone and spend on tricky procedure is much less time (about an hour) than at home. In addition, the tan is going to be more stable than from the tube (10-14 days). Yes, yes, promises, butyet tack with a dark clothes.

Prices for procedures more or less fixed. For example, the client's whole painting with an airbrush in the shtetl beauty salons cost 950 rubles, "processing" the face and neck — 300 breast — 100. If you prefer to try out the new-fangled cabin is best to go in advanced cosmetic centers, where over 1,500 rubles you will be served at the highest level.

By the way, in various beauty salons manipulation of the color of the skin called the client differentlySU-DO, St. Tropez, Air Art, etc. Therefore if You will need categorically "tan", you can not understand and sent home. So try to explain deployed, what are you actually going next.

Enhance the effect of t
anned skin can be with a special diet. It is only necessary every day to stamp a 2 kg of carrots, 200 g or 500 g apricots peaches. A good idea to absorb kilogram blackberry or 300 g of watermelon a day.

If you want to see in action tanning, pay attention to:

  • Josie Bisset in the TV series "Melrose Place"
  • Tom Cruise in the movie "Mission Impossible"
  • Julia Roberts in "Erin Brockovich"
  • Jennifer Aniston in "Friends" when her character returns from Greece.
  • Perfectly mastered the skill of using tanning Jennifer Lopez. She prefers not to grill on the beach, but her tan hardly be distinguished from the present.
  • Journalists have long suspected British Prime Minister Tony Blair's addiction to tanning facilities, for which he called his "chocolate orange".

Veronica Gommershtadt

Magazine "Be healthy"

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