That thinking about the substitution minchane privileges for foreign currency payments?


Man: "I am for the fact that the cops were paid. Only for it. And in general, what benefits can be, why here it is — a single mother — has to pay, I have to pay, but someone should not?"
Lady: "The benefits of currency? Thus, Tipo, and there are no benefits. Where do I get these benefits?"
Guy: "Well, without benefits, we will not be able to travel across the country. Even these foreign currency payments, it has not posodeystvuyut. Better everything remained as before."
Lady: "How I got tired with all of them — that so that that way — without result. You understand such dikastsi I, the seventh 10-ke, even in private life not beheld, as at the moment. I have benefits — just only Third group — and within 2 years can not get any 1st cures. And there’s something they understand. "
Reporter: "How do you feel about the fact that the benefits of the currency will change currency payments?"
Man: "I have benefits them pretty. And I all the same, as will. As desired, so let it do. "
Woman: "I believe that the benefits — it is a significant help for people who are all his life save up to something. And these benefits allow a person to make a gift for yourself. I believe that the abolition of these benefits — not a good thing. "
Man: "I always relate to such matters with suspicion and negative. Indeed, no matter what the change in this direction, it is always connected with the fact that the state needs money. And these funds are willing vytrastsi like this method."
Guy: "Better benefits than foreign currency payments, as it is easier to exist. Even moving through the town."
Woman: "I do not really like it, so I better buy a ticket at a reduced price as I want, what kind of a certain amount of money that I would not know what had spent."

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