The Belarusian side shifts the responsibility for polluting the river Daugava in Russia

According to preliminary calculations, the amount may reach 5 million bucks. After a series of examinations of environmental loss Latvia evaluates seven times higher than previously. The Belarusian side insists that all claims must address not Latvia Belarus and the Russian Federation, which owns the pipeline.
Minister of Environment of the Republic of Latvia Raimonds Veenis LTV7 in an interview said: counting losses is planned to finish until May 8.
Latvia is going to achieve real compensation for water pollution and endangering Daugava Latvia ecology of Belarus, because the stain came from Vitebsk region. The amount of compensation may reach 5 million bucks.
Comment on this account gives the first Deputy Minister of Nature and Environment of Belarus Alexander Apatsky who comes to the ad hoc committee on emergencies:
"It is hard read something for the Latvian side. Certainly, there are some problems. They are incommensurable with Belarusian. But we do not know how they did their calculations, because them to this special, euroallied approach. And the amount of naturally large.
But keep in mind that they are exposed and the cost of work in cleansing. Because it is not only the sum of the environmental losses — likely, is the total amount. But it is difficult to comment on, if you do not see certain calculations and certain content claims. "
The Belarusian side is one hundred percent to blame for the tragedy of the Russian company "Zapadtransnefteprodukt" possessor of the pipeline.
Now in force majeure situations minister Enver Bariev said Our homeland that compensated only costs to eliminate the tragedy on the pipeline Unecha — Ventspils near Beshenkovichi. In the equivalent of 70 thousand dollars.
But for matters relating to environmental losses from disasters adkzvae Ministry of Nature and Environment.
As explained one of the managing agency Alexander Apatsky the final amount calculated yet. But, according to a bureaucrat, it can be even more Latvian. Together with the fact Sovereign Apatsky elaborates on Belarus in Latvia can not be any complaints:
"No, it’s not for us. They should conduct specific work with guilty with the Russians. Unwilling to them, and can with the Belarusian side, but we then all the same will seek responsibility from the guilty party. But Latvian questions we have not yet discussed.
Besides, it is already the third sum, voiced by the Latvian side, because in this issue no uniqueness. Should officially announce their claims. You can just read something, but there is officially defined order of presentation of the claim. But this has not happened. Because of problems such as not — povinet have let justify, confirm. "
Recall that the first estimated the losses from Latvia ecological disaster from getting diesel fuel in the Daugava River at 700 thousand dollars.

Tragedy on the pipeline Unecha — Ventspils occurred on March 23 in Beshenkovichi region. Then, more than 100 tons of diesel fuel spilled into the river Vlu — a tributary of the Western Dvina terrain Latvia. Thence spot flow introduced into the Daugava.
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