The other day, on April 26 in the town again hung 100 white-red-white flags

"Glos Prawdy", year 1927. The newspaper reported:
"Under the heading" The voice tube "Major Zinovy Peshkov introduced her to his diaries about life in the foreign legion. Zinovij foot — is receiving a scion Maxim bitter. During the war, he moved to the Legion and serves to this day. Rose to the rank of major, commanded a battalion. Planner written very quickly, describes the life of soldiers and stroller first falls description Legionnaires Russians, which serves several thousand legion. Diary was written in English, as a curiosity that emphasizes even the British critic. "
Newspaper "Nowe Zycie" Same Grodno well that in 10 years, writes:
"Interprofessional Committee for the fight against communism in Grodno sent the Polish workers and peasants of the appeal, which exhort them not to participate in the May Day demonstrations. Appeal raises questions as long Polish worker and slave … will go a day on May 1 in the same ranks with a deadly foe Poland, with international and executioner stray. Dictatorship Bolshevik commissars, executioners Russian workers must be opposed by the Polish government and the Christian way of public justice. "
"The other day, on April 26 in the town, as well as a few weeks back, again hung 100 white-red-white flags, — notes on this week 1997"Name." — They are once again reminded that "the City — ours." Not counting flags, Bangalore Square, where an official rally on the anniversary of Chernobyl, hung head-fake mustache and familiar hair. Its been perfectly visible from all sides, but the head of the presidential administration Misha Myasnikovich and mayor of Minsk Ermoshin arriving at a memorial meeting, passed proudly hanging his head. "

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