Until autumn Grandfathers Tulloch Kurapaty be held every Saturday

The other day, a day or memory Protz Radunitsa came to Kurapaty civilian activists. People were cleaning debris and burned winter around the memorial stone. Cleanup ran council secretary of the Conservative Christian Party BPF Ales Cheholsky:
Cheholsky "Now day before Radunitsa. In today usually come to the cemetery, revered own Protz — grandfathers, fathers. Our party started Saturday classic Tullock. Arrived young people, members of the party supporters. After dinner, people will come, who are currently working. Note that we are in this place, how many years there are already removed and meanwhileand portions to which we have not yet, and there dressed up between that place settled. "
Clean area of the memorial came and quite young people. I chatted with the children Hope and Vladimir:
Hope: "I accept the role of joint work already in the second year. We then remove every Saturday. I believe that it is our duty to the country, to keep it holy place clean. And not only the other day Radunitsa. "
Vladimir: "We do it, as the place of execution Russian times must be defined Belarusians should keep in mind these places. This historical work. We must pass this memory legacy to our children. "
Cleaned area memorial, and young and old. In the main these are people indifferent to history. States party to the farm Ales:
Ales: "I think it is very important place. And everyone who comes here, cuts through the spirit, allowing vorachivatsya here and do creative work. Accomplishment of this extraordinary place is creative labor. "
Shtosubotniya Tulloch Kurapaty will continueSanta smiling until the autumn.

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