Vitebsk Tatiana Seviarynets received the order of dismissal

Dismissal Tatiana Seviarynets considers illegal and caused first political reasons.
"I received the order, so that on April 27th, my last day, and on the 28th I was unemployed. On order I wrote that it did not agree with. A parent meeting was later, and the first question to me was such: "Tatiana, is this policy?" I said: "Yes, it is also the reason for my zvalnenya. Although the order filed another reason. "
Order to dismiss a teacher of the highest category with almost 36 years of experience signed by the head of the education department Pershamajski district Vladimir Shloma. Ancestors of pupils 5 "A" class srednyay school number 40 decided to protect their own kids to the homeroom teacher. They wrote a proclamation in his name to the district administration.
As the mother told the 1st of pupils in the collective letter, they did not touch the policy and asked the chief of district education department to take into account first Prof. Tatiana highest quality Seviarynets.
"Neither of which we are not political issues says — that we have not touched. We just protecting human and teachers with his own hand — by parents. We are very sad that have not yet ended the school year, and our kids are left without control and without a terrific teacher Russian language. Naturally, other people will come to this place, but what a stressful situation for the kid! With this teacher they firmly became friends, and she is a very decent man, sincere. And it is very sad that kids lose such teachers here! "
Appeal to the Department of Education signed ancestors virtually allx 5 students "A" Class: 24 of the 27. Separate sheet pyatsiklyasniki wrote themselves, he begins with the words: "Please do not fire our homeroom teacher Seviarynets Evgenievna Tatiana, who became to us as a mom, and we — her kids."

Grounds for dismissal of Tatyana Seviarynets was that she missed Tipo 6 working days during the vernal vacation, when I went to my daughter in Minsk and a seminar in Warsaw. Head of the District Department of Education Vladimir Shlomo, who initially has permitted her to leave at their own expense from the 26th to the 31st of March, at the last moment overturned its own decision. This Seviarynets Tatiana told on the phone it is not written refusal to beheld This time.
Tatiana Seviarynets preparing a statement to the court against the department of education. She also wrote a complaint to the prosecutor at the Headmaster Yuri Lavrenava number 40 — that she is not allowed to make copies of the Charter School and other documents, which regulates the activity of teachers, so that they may meet the lawyers and lawyer Tatyana Seviarynets.

Tatiana Seviarynets reads letters, pupils and their ancestors wrote in May Day district administration

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