Warsaw: Belarusians against Belarus to the Human Rights Council

The proclamation states that "many and systematic violation Human Lukashenko regime "- the existence of political prisoners, harassment-independent media, the executive control of the judiciary, -" make impracticable the role of Belarus in the UN Council on Human Rights. "
"Belarus are sitting in jail for apolitical beliefs Alexander Kozulin, Paul Seviarynets and others. Such is not the place of Belarus in the UN," says one of the signatories of the appeal Sergei Loginov.
Another Belarusian Warsaw, Adolf Drop, who also signed the document, I am sure, Belarusian authorities would use the country’s accession to the Council only for propaganda purposes, and not as a reason to reconsider the situation with human rights country.
Droplet: "If Belarus will admitted to the Council, the country itself no configurations will not happen — nothing will change. "

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