Wreath memory Basil Suprun

Youth activist Ales Masuk met with Basil Suprun shortly before his death. The clinic at Supruna found lung cancer, he became worse, and the Emperor Basil sent home to breathe, says Ales Masuk:
"Friday was released, and here it is only a couple of days survived. On Saturday I beheld his last time out. He was lying, telling him it was already too heavy. Vivacity to him I said, that’s youth grows up that brand new wave revivalist growing, not killed Belarusian case, there would still be ahead. "
Public figure from Slonim Misha Voronets very badBasil knew about Supruna, visited him in the clinic, so that moral support:
"Powerful personality. He was the village people, but it is a nature, in his eighties, he was a lovely man. So rarely happens, because age is not beauty. And the beauty it was not only the fact that he was on a physical level strong, and the inside — his spirit and conviction.
This is after the war was such a mass — Russian Alliance, and he was not afraid to 18-19 against the anti-Soviet struggle to organize it. And he had no anger at people to a white light to those who squandered in the bullpen. "
Vasily Suprun wanted to be independent and create a democratic Belarus. Misha Voronets recalls:
"The only thing he recent years worried that the opposition samaahvyarnastsi lacking. And worried, of course, in Belarus such actions are developed. And even he had no anger, hatred for Lukashenko, it reads just desperate: what did he do, trample our Belarus … "
Writer, deputy editor of the newspaper "Gazeta Slonim" Sergei Chigrin notes that Basil Suprun was known as the creator of books on the history of Slonim, as literary works. He went three collections of poems, but the most famous was the book "Unforgettable ksivu" — verse concentration camp correspondence with Larissa Heniyush.
"When we started to publish" The newspaper Slonim, "he came in and offered a series of articles on the history of Slonim, and they were published almost half a year. And these materials are very fond of readers, we have them printed in booklet form," — says Chigrin.
Vasily Suprun was the moral authority of his death — a loss not only for slonimtsev but Belarus in general, says Sergei Chigrin.
Basil Supruna after the funeral in the church cemetery buried in Slonim May 2. Slonim lives his daughter Lena, scion Alexander — in Belgium, have grandchildren.

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