Wreath Memory: Czeslaw S.

On Czeslaw S. recalls Hrodna journalist, official dealer Radio The radio in Belarus, the last member of the opposition Popular Front in the Supreme Soviet of the 12th convocation Markevich:
"She was a Belarusian and Catholic, had a strong temper. Tsementavala It connects people around him. Soon her very distressed that the Belarusian Popular Front, which she gave a lot of effort, scrapes occur. Painful She worried, but did not depart from the activity .
I know that this lady has always been in the heart of Belarus has always been faith, optimism, and a great desire happiness own people for the sake of it and lived. "
Managing the regional branch of the BPF Sergei boy recalls that Czeslaw S. participated in all political actions, and during election and other companies had no equal — could collect signatures half Organization:
"Czeslaw Antonovna was so devoted to what she does, that didand it quite often without the help of others, paying no attention to personal prepyadstviya nor their health. She is adept to convince people, as she was convinced. And there was always sincere. "
At one point, she broke her leg, but still on crutches went from door to door to collect signatures, says the boy emperor:
"For Czeslaw Antonovny very languid moment there was a section of the BPF. Pozniak She stayed with it very sincerely believe him. And always was with us, came to our meeting of parliament. We often argued, talked with her, because for her it was a critical moment. I beheld it as she forked soul.
Ethe man — everyday ordinary frontovets that quiet, relaxed doing my job. On such people Front and kept, and very sorry that she died. "
Says Ira Salei, who was with Czeslaw S. in one community CCP BPF:
"She wanted to create a free Belarus, to be independent, democratic state. And for this she has spared neither health nor time. She was a patriot, and I’m very sorry that Czeslaw Antonovna not wait a day or a clear light in Belarus."
Czeslaw S. Machala heart. Now she was buried in an old cemetery of Grodno.

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