18 Weeks Pregnant


Soon you will learn to recognize when your baby sleep, and when awake, will feel like he has hiccups, and know when hungry (in this case, may be followed by an unequivocal kick to the side). By shock and fetal kicks you can understand that all is well with him, or something goes wrong.

When half of pregnancy (4.5 months) was left behind, it's time to think about preparing for childbirth. Best of all — start attending special courses or school motherhood, where you will be shown a movie and explain how to proceed labor, will teach how to breathe, talk about non-traditional delivery.


Baby gradually begins to perceive the world around us. Talk with your baby and make sure to ask the same thing of the future pope, because baby is hearing you, auditory ossicles, which sound travels through the middle ear, have built up, and the area of the brain responsible for receiving auditory signals work. Little by little, and becomes sensitive retina. The total length of the baby — 20,5 cm, weight — about 200 g


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