A committee to protect the rights of prisoners

Timofei Dranchuk told the "freedom" that the idea of creation of public organizations came after he visited in prison remand center.
"Only after I myself visited in jail, I realized that such an organization even more needed in our country than those who do nothing paliznyavolenymi because the scale infringement ordinary prisoners even more, and they are specific categories of people, completely unprotected. Their no money for lawyers, they do not have the ability to distribute information to the media. Because specifically these people must be protected first. "
Enira Branitskaya — One of the first youth activists who had to serve his sentence for his role in an unregistered organization. Her together with Timothy and Nicholas Dranchuk Astrejka to court kept behind bars. She believes that social organization is not able to radically change the situation in the bullpen:
"In fact, this system does not educate, it demeans people. They do not believe that something can be done. I think that now there is no public organization can not and will not be able to do something, until the political and financial system in the country will not change . "
Statkevich, which is released from the days of "chemistry", expressed his outlook:
"Such assistance should be provided at the legislative level, because the conditions of detention — is the budget, it’s the law, it is the ability to control by public organizations. All this we have."
Valery Levonevsky sure so called prison traditions support themselves detectives who, at first glance, have them beat:
"So called thieves tradition maintained and cultivated regime-operational department of the colony. They are so easy to get information. No public organization fails to provide assistance. CONTRIBUTE can one person, two — but less than that. "
Timofei Dranchuk said "Freedom" that members of the organization "over the barrier" will protect the rights of people who have fallen behind bars for atrocities. Created Committee to Protect convicts will be looking to not tortured in jail and raped people who are already punished by imprisonment.
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