A.Kozulin after Brussels to Washington

A.Kozulin met with the ministers of foreign affairs of the European Union, and later will be date, the white house at the invitation of U.S. President George W. Bush.
"At including Kozulin voice and position SLM sanctions. We believe that in the long term sanctions can be lifted. But the decision must be taken immediately and not choham, and as the disappearance of the circumstances of their occurrence. For example, if Yarmoshina got into this list for election fraud, it is clear that it can get out of this list, if such fraud occurs. Or if Podobed organized beating people on peaceful demonstrations, it is natural if the demonstration will take place without beating, peacefully, then there is no need to keep this list Padabed. "
EU sanctions against Belarusian officials were effective, convinced Lebedko, because the authorities in one way or another stops them really feel.
"The threat to get to the list of restricted to travel abroad or to the list of people against whom entered monetary sanctions, was not very pleasant for most officials. They tried to avoid them. As preventive measures it was useful."

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