A.Yaroshuk: In Geneva, the falsification scandal

Now Minsk Group Deputy Chairman Anatoly Gurov said that the cancellation of preferences does not lead to tangible losses:
"We find the options. There is a quota to Europe. And if they start to punch, then we will find options — to implement. There is also not Europe. Taking Orsha Flax, it implements most of its own products in the United States."
Assistant Chairman of the concern Olga Yakimovitch added:
"You understand more discussions about these preferences in Europe than in the Actually they give for our companies. "
Cancel preferences affect 5 large companies in the industry.
Among them Baranovichy Cotton Production Association. Its exports to the EU amounted to Last year almost four million bucks. Currently there seek out abilities to enter the Russian market.
According to the company’s marketing department Oleg baby, cancellation preferences aggravate export:
"We will reduce the volume of products shipped, because our prices will no go on the European market. This very knocks us. Currency sales in Europe goes to the purchase of raw materials, which in the country is not. If it is not, then the functioning of the enterprise will be under a huge issue" .
Recall, for systematic violation -independent trade unions in Belarus, the Council of the European Union decided to exclude the country from the generalized system of tariff preferences.
The decision will come into force on June 21.
Tomorrow in Geneva during the International Labour Organization session make out the situation in Belarus. It participates delegation official Minsk headed by Vice-Premier Andrei Kobyakov.
There is also the chairman of the Belarusian Congress of Democratic Trade Unions Alexander Yarashuk:
"An official delegation of very presentable — 22 people. Ruled her Kobyakov Pyatkevich. Se has never been. This indicates that the exceptional importance is attached to the official authorities of Belarus.
And here such a pig Federation planted Government: falsification here such a scandal! Perturbation such that a shock, even for those who wish to maintain the official Belarusian authorities. "
I recall that on the initiative of the Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus favorite Leonid Kozik collected signatures in support of the Belarusian authorities — and here showed falsification.

Participants in the midst of an official delegation, which is presently in Geneva — the deputy head of the presidential administration and Natalia Pyatkevich favorite Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus Leonid Kozik. They denied race on the terrain of the European Union for his role in rigging the presidential elections. The sanctions of the European Union and Switzerland have joined. These officials may, but an invitation to come to the international organizations, estates which are extraterritorial status.

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