Alexei Januszewski

Alexei Januszewski — activist "Young Front". It also Palazhanka Anastasia, Boris Goretskogo, Aleh Korban and Dmitriy Fedoruk, blame participation in an unregistered organization. Court begins trial in Russian district of Minsk On May 28 and 10 am.

Alexei Januszewski is in the Czech Republic and on days of declared his intention to seek political asylum.

In an interview with "Freedom" Alexei Januszewski said: "About the 24th of April I left Belarus. On the decision to leave is affected, that at the moment Belarusian regime launched a targeted war against democratic Belarusian youth against "Junior Front. "And, bolshennomu Unfortunately, at the present moment we can lose this war. C viewpoint that the regime had enough punishers ready even bloody terror suspend youth resistance. In such a situation is the question of how to confront all this repression likely means.

The purpose of the KGB, led by sovereign Whistler, who started this terror is to eliminate "Junior Front"As more influential youth organization in Belarus. Already at this point, as you know, against 7-excited Malady criminal cases. List, unfortunately, maybe there will be more. And this applies not only to "Young Front".

Their actions somehow I’m not going to justify or explain. After criticizing me be a member of "Young Front" which are under criminal investigation. Those functions in the direction of the information that I have made in the homeland, one hundred percent will observe and abroad. At this point would urge all concerned people to come on the 28th May at 10:00 on Logoiski tract 3 (Russian Tribunal), because only social solidarity can stop this repression. I beg you all to protect the Young Belarusians and not leave alone with Belarusian youth offenders, in whose hands all the secret police of the country. Long live Belarus! "Young Front"Not suspend! Belarus does not destroy!"

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