Another pipeline bypassing Belarus

Length of the new pipeline — almost tyscha km from the Bulgarian coast, one branch of the pipeline will go to Austria and Slovenia, the other — to Italy. New transit corridor that will be title "noon stream" means to build for the year. Through it will be pumped 30 billion cubic meters of gas per year — about a third of the annual needs of Germany and two-thirds of the volume of gas that was pumped through Belarus Last year.
According to Putin, the new project has already been approved by the governments of Russia and Italy, and the European Commission, negotiating with the Bulgarian government.
According to experts, the goal of a new project — to bypass the western neighbors of — Belarus and Ukraine, which threatened to block the Russian transit EU countries because of disputes with Moscow over prices.
States that "the flow of noon" — typical mirror "Nord Stream" — the North European gas pipeline, which will go to Germany under the Baltic Sea. This was according to the professionals if "Nord Stream" reduces the dependence on Russian transit of the Baltic states, "noon Stream" will directly compete with pipelines through Belarus and Ukraine.
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