As in Belarus popularize national cuisine?

Currently in Minsk, as indicated in almost all the references and websites in 108 cafes and restaurants Belarusian cuisine. But there where you can experience true Belarusian national dishes and does not reach the 10-ka, says Mikhalina Emelyanov, columnist "restaurant" Internet portal "":
"Restaurant" Kamenica "positioning themselves as kitchen ON. Their very good cook, she has experimented with recipes really work ON times, but there are many imperfections and much difficulty. There are more dishes belongs to European cuisine, and less — to the state. Food "Cleanup" as is "Belarusian and European cuisine." book for yourself some national dish of Belarus, and on the tables as, so to speak, "Razvlyakalavki" are drying … "
Pancake-style "film» SOA"
Advertiser restaurant "Mir Castle" Anna Karachun believes that customers are not very well versed in Belarusian dishes:
"Certainly, the stereotype works: it is very simple, usually. Client knows Belarusian cuisine that is only pancakes, crepes, and he was not interested. Him more worthy of attention sushi, something foreign, pizza, Italian dishes."
Advertiser restaurant "Mir Castle" Anna Karachun believes it must ancient dishes serve more contemporarily as it mattersis its restaurant:
"This is purely Belarusian dishes, but they are curious provided. Pancakes, for example, fall into bolshennom lovely dish extraordinary scenery, such" fusion ". Should be modern interpretation. "
2,800 accounts in Belarus one restaurant
In Belarus, restaurants and cafes in the main municipal. Head of Consumer Market Mingorispolkom Alex Bogdanovic admits:
"We have also lost state spectrum, not many restaurants Belarusian cuisine. Belarus 2800 people fall into one restaurant in Moscow — two thousand, in the Czech Republic — 140 people per restaurant. Because preparing newcomer programm development of public power. And the mayor of Minsk Pavlov gave the job each manager administration pick 10 seats in each district in the opening points of public power. "
What happens — it is difficult to say. Once tried to make candidacy "Mandonaldu" — "Soon, relish, in Belarusian." The idea rapidly and failed: at kiosks instead dranikov — hot dogs and pizza is heated in mikrahvalevtsy.
Culturologist Sergei Hareuski convinced that not all so dark, so gorged Belarusians already shavrmoy, pizza and burgers:
"What is the state food? This is the kitchen, the products which can be just deliver a fresh kind: cumin and cranberries, mushrooms, pork, potatoes. Want, do not want, never our consumption will not remember the Japanese. Even without calling loudly to the national consciousness, if you just give people the opportunity to simply earn money and develop their own business, first, making though what director cafe or restaurant — it will appeal to local goods and native traditions "

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