Automated control system attack aircraft «Metronome» has been successfully tested

Automated control system attack aircraft

TSAMTO, October 29. Russian Air Force in 2013 will receive the first automatic control system attack aircraft (ACS) «Metronome», report «Izvestia», citing sources in the Defense Ministry.
How to write «Izvestia», developed by companies’ IT Hephaestus «and» Radioavionika «ACS successfully passed tests during exercise» Kavkaz-2012 «.

With reference to the world war «News» noted that «complex on the order of punching power increment Air Force because it allows detection of the target after 2-3 minutes Bombings kill her blow.»

«Metronome» connects a single network air controllers, airborne command post (WCP), the commanders on the ground and attack aircraft. Finding target air controllers on the electric map marks its tablet computer and identifies the type of tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, infantry on the march, etc. Less than a second goal displayed airborne command Fri where decide what aircraft hit her. WCP forms the computer and transmits pilot puzzle, and so can only throw a bomb, «- said» Izvestia «representative of the Russian Air Force, participated in the ACS trials.

According to him, «Metronome» now enters the air subsystem ASU «Constellation-2M», will also be part of the ACS Task «Dawn».

Source «News» said that «with the» Metronome «integrated only the Su-24M equipped with special computing subsystem (SVP-24) of» Hephaestus-IT. » In coming to him connect distant bombers Tu-22M3. But other types of attack aircraft remain without SVP-24, with their systems. «

In turn, the representative DIC familiar with the situation told «Izvestia» that such automated 56cm under the symbol «Bars» is designed for the Su-25 and is currently undergoing tests. Also works pass for Su-34 bombers and Tu-160, Ka-52 and Mi-28, etc.
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