Autumn property prices start to rise again

Dwellings constructed less
Tsigankov: "First this year Belarus explosion in property prices, they grew 15-20 percent shtomesyats.U result, the price per square meter reached the Minsk flat 2 thousand dollars. Nearly a year, since last June, prices increased by 2 times. And now in the Belarusian media experts at real estate say that apartment prices should start to decrease, or at least the dynamics of growth in prices will begin to decline. So whether it is in fact, and if so, than one explain this phenomenon? "
Snitko: "Indeed, prices began to fall gradually. Property Market" satiated ", and at the moment it became very difficult to sell the apartment. If you previously own studio apartment found a buyer for a day or two, at the moment it can be sold a month, and because traders obliged to make concessions. This led to the fact that the demand for highly activated rooms, also for apartments and houses in the suburbs. "
Tsigankov: "How often in the midst of the real exchange transactions occur purchase? After all, as I know, most of the" basket "of flats — it is an exchange, exchange for a fee. Were options when people actually bring 80 thousand for one-bedroom apartment?"
Snitko: "There were brought in, and 100 thousand and above. But, really, it’s a very small percentage of transactions. Most — it razmeny or credit, and often both when taking a loan, that was enough for a charge."
Tsigankov: "Michael, in your opinion, segodnyaschy downward trend — a seasonal process, or it is associated with the long term?"
Zaleski: "Oh, so let’s just about long processes.’ll See the number of apartments built in Belarus for a thousand people a year. In 1970 — 10, 1990 — 8, 2006 — 5. With every desire to see no tendency to increase. Quarter townspeople and villagers every fiftieth queue.
Because demand has not decreased. Demand growth does not occur because the number of falls in the country kids and young people. But due to the fact that foreign exchange revenues began to grow, the supply increased. And then demand and supply at the current boundaries encountered. But there can be only stabilization, but not the fall in prices. "
To prices — it’s just a seasonal process
Snitko: "Cessation of growth of prices — it’s just seasonal process. This is due not only to the fact that prices have gained their own ceiling and saturate the market for some time, and with the decrease in the activity of buyers, which is always observed in summer. But now, the demand in the country, giving at the moment the most running product. I believe that with the prices of autumn begin to grow again. "
Tsigankov: "What be country’s role in the regulation of the real estate market? We have heard more than once sonorous statements Alexander Lukashenko that the government will intervene and restore order in construction, lower prices — in response rates and grow. Right government intervenes in the real estate market and what should be its role in the regulation of this market? "
Zaleski: "That intervention that is, the best hard call. Stubborn It’s a return to socialist practice in which" give "home. And where are beginning to" give "is a distributor and" approaches "to him. Is bribery and all other. Samples of administrative pressure on builders to force them to sell at low prices to certain categories — too inefficient. Contractors are not interested in such an approach.
What could the government do? The government could unleash this secondary market, making it more effective. Then we would have left the movement those people, who are unable to pay their huge apartment in the least. And they were not afraid to appear on the market, because at the moment, many are afraid that their okolpachat. "
In Belgium, 77 square meters of housing per person, in Lithuania — 39, Belarus — 25
Tsigankov "Tatiana, as your work to the agency affect any municipal installations and solutions? For example, when banks change interest rates? "
Snitko: "More people are beginning to find an apartment for himself with the help of loans. At the same time, not all banks to give them similar criteria. Occasionally otyschesh buyers will sign a contract, and then wait a few weeks for the banks to solve their problems and will be given credit. Yet more people trust in their own loans in solving the housing problem. "
Tsigankov: "In Belarus, there is no mortgage. If this institution was introduced, it could affect the cost of housing?"
Snitko: "Of course, this could affect the ability of many people to get home for themselves. Share building owners would be more accessible. Overall, we have many solutions in real estate spaznyayutstsa."
Zaleski: "Mortgage real effect if untainted income per person in the family is more than 200 bucks. Because to keep my apartment and buy the latest, to pay each month heavily.
And I will focus on the following numbers: the average living space per person — in Belgium, 77 square meters, in Lithuania — 39, Slovakia — 33, Belarus — 25. "

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