Beggars and cripples walked in the Belarusian village as there was still

Under the heading "What prevents lower prices" "Star" in 1927 year report of the plenum RVC Halapenitskaga District neighborhood Borisov: "Speakers complained bad quality of the product: torn iron pots, millet with sand, manufactory with holes. also states that Borisov Belcoopsoyuz office for two years does not let go of the cooperative itself the right product, like soap. And, say, herring released in very limited quantities. And this at a time when private vendors that compete with cooperatives, having fully satisfied with the product. "
"It’s hot young people responded to the call of the Grodno region Krivichi komsamoltsav who expressed a desire to work on the construction of the Minsk Tractor Plant … — Writes the same "Star" in 1947 year. — At a meeting of the youth village Datsishki, Radunskaga area komsamolets Mamoytsen Misha said: "I approve of hot call Krivichi komsamoltsav and first work for food shock construction. Calls for it all the young people of our village." With the construction of the Grodno region tractor has already left 16 komsamoltsav. "
"Fatherland" on this week 1957 he said: "We do not mind that in almost all Belarusian farmers lacked bread until the next harvest, but all Belarusian farmers that remember old times, can swear before the holy cross, that they lived in a 100 times better as live for the moment Russian farmers. beggars and cripples walked in the Belarusian village as there wasabout everything: bread, and the bread; ancient Belarusian village and gave to the poor and crippled and fed the poor and crippled. "

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