Belarusians feel of their own health centers

Specialists explain tourism employment Belarusian sanatoriums foreigners big difference in prices on tours: in Belarus, an average of 250 dollars, and in Russia and the Baltic countries is twice as expensive. They say more about the difference mindset: neighbors prepared to stay long, and Belarusians only began to stir.
"Imagine: in winter, when there is no such zapavnyalnastsi, motels they say that they are happy to cooperate, calling for people to send to them, — says Galina, which the company is responsible for tourism cooperation with spas. — And now all. They plan fulfilled. All tours were given Russians. We will relax Moscow, Smolensk, St. Petersburg. Already rides and Kaliningrad as I know, the Baltic States. understands that such makarom made of inbound tourism programm: porazdavali foreigners that we demand, and remains our go abroad. "
To search for information, call the resort recognizable "Snow White Rus" on Narach. Chief Dr. Oleg Pyandasav confirms:
"Previously to worry. Our homeland, Baltic I bought 70% of permits for the summer. And our only reality start ringing. And where were you before?"
Oleg Pyandasav says that he is going to rest in August in one of the Belarusian sanatoriums, call to purchase a ticket, but all the same problem — there is no seats.

"So makarom made of inbound tourism programm: porazdavali foreigners that we demand, and remains our go abroad "

Head of the Institution "TsentarKurort" Oleg Mikhailov said in sanatoria belonging to the Office of Presidential Affairs, the situation is different — less than half the foreigners redeemed vouchers. But as for availability, they left a little. Oleg Mikhailov listed, where else can you get if you try to immediately:
"In the sanatorium" Youth "near Minsk there are tours, June in sanatorium" Burabai "," Pines ". A July-August really sold out three months back. Zabugornyh From resorts can offer until" crisp white Rus "Tuapse".
Abroad are four sanatorium, which also belong to the Office of Presidential Affairs. This health resort in the Crimea, Jurmala (Latvia), Druskininkai (Lithuania) and "Belarus" in Sochi. But the prices are much higher: more than 45 bucks per person per day. Not so long ago in the Sochi opened next to Belarus — Recreation under nezatsverzhanay until the title "Reddish glade." Although he is an hour away from the sea, but in a prestigious location where building houses Russian elite. Rest for 11 days there will be at least for 630 bucks. Luxury holiday cost 800 "greenish".
Specialists Tourism Note: Turkey is more expensive. But this does not deter unions. "That’s a combination of a beach holiday with mountain tourism Turkey does not offer," — says Oleg Mikhailov.
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