Belarusians remained in the Gaza Strip?

Belarusian Foreign Ministry reports that the Belarusian embassy in Tel Aviv has become in contact with the Embassy of Russian Federation and Ukraine. People of these countries in the conflict zone several hundred.
According to the Russian Foreign Ministry’s Department of disk imaging Andrei Krivtsov, people expect evacuation checkpoint Fri "Eretz" Palestinian Authority.
The situation is complicated by the fact that Israel has closed for security PPC — under the guise of innocent people of Gaza can pass Hamas militants.
Because nationality of refugees clarifies says Andrei Krivtsov:
"Made a list of people who want to evacuate. This is the main Russian citizens — first lady married to Palestinians. Some of them former Palestinian students have returned to work in Palestine. Other words, ladies, kids, and a number of guys.
Presently considered for possible ways of solving problems. And the problem is, first, in the documentation, because people do not have the necessary documents, which should give the Israeli side. Or soon will all happen? How will the decision means, and dares to question itself. "
Martynov yet knows about isolated cases, when the Belarusian citizens wished to leave the region. Unofficially they say about 4 Belarusians, who wished would return to their homeland.
In any case, during a large-scale evacuation of Belarusians are "tied" to the Russians and Ukrainians, which in Palestine much more.
It will be recalled that in the previous year, during the armed conflict between Israel and Lebanon, Belarus evacuated about fifty people, and specifically in the war zone have identified more than three hundred people of Belarus.
In July 2006, Israel evacuated family inhabitant Orsha Oleg Shvaych. By the time he lived in Israel for 10 years. He believes that Tel Aviv, despite recent actions, has suspended aid to the Palestinians (not counting Hamas militants)
"Until the Arabs there are in almost everything better than natives of the Union. With the Arabs they had lived for centuries. Imagine the situation: you have lived all my life in Belarus. Immediately lived Tatars, Poles, together with young people communicate. Suddenly come in large numbers, relatively speaking , a million Chinese. And to whom you will feel better about? Poles, who for long as you own, or to …?
Especially since these "conditional Chinese" (in Israel called on Israelis our) interrupt jobs, willing to work at least some work at the lowest cost. Naturally, the "local" — both Jews and Arabs, not for what they adore. "
Olga from Baranovichi went a couple of years between Israel, Lebanon and the Palestinian territories. Knowing Arabic, accompanied the tourist groups, worked on hotel registration, pinned its hopes that the potential of the region will provide an opportunity to realize.
Olga knows that to face with Belarus in Palestine hardly had:
"Belarusians here generally strongly enough. I have literally two or three friends who auditioned for the reception of the hotel. Maidens come from the main dance. There are many Ukrainians, Russians are not so little. Belarusians do not actually have. Under the same" Russian show "I not beheld any Belarusians …
But my passport all prashtampavany everywhere visa every six months I do a new work permit, work visa pose. Naturally, give blood. And it was all the glory to God. "

Due to the uncertainty of the situation in Gaza, the Belarusian Foreign Ministry advises Belarusian citizens to refrain from traveling to the conflict zone.

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