Bush associates communism and terrorism

Among those who came to the opening of the memorial, there were people who lived in communist countries in a more gloomy days when Russian Union Joseph Stalin ruled. Tonu Vanderer three o’clock drove from New Jersey to attend the ceremony. Before the arrival of Russian troops in Estonia, along with parents, brothers and sister, he left the country, and then his family» I moved to the United States.
"It was magic that we were able to take the train in Tallinn, and later on a ship to Germany."
Installed in Washington bronze goddess with a torch in his hand — a clear copy of the 10-meter sculpture in honor of democracy, which in 1989 established the Chinese students during protests on Tiananmen Square in Beijing. Tu sculpture made of plaster Beijing Art School students.
Edward Lee, who was a pioneer in the creation of the memorial during the ceremony recalled that exactly 20 years ago, U.S. President Ronald Reagan called Russian manager Misha Gorbachev tear down the Berlin wall.
"Twenty years ago, President Reagan stood at Brandenburskay Gate in Berlin and said," Sire Gorbachev, tear down this wall! "Cynics then laughed with the words of President Reagan, but in two years The Berlin wall collapsed, and soon the "evil empire" ended its existence.
President Bush, in his speech said that communism is responsible for the destruction of about 100 million innocent people in Russian Union, China, other countries in Asia, Eastern Europe and other regions of the world. Bush read the rest in the midst of respect for the memory of millions of victims, whose names will forever be unknown:
"Among them innocent Ukrainians who died of starvation during Stalin’s Great Famine, the Russians killed in Stalin cleaning, Lithuanians, Latvians and Estonians, which were loaded into cattle cars and deported to death camps in the northern Russian communism. "
In his speech, Bush drew parallels between communism and constructive Islamism and terrorism. According to the South American president, terrorist attacks September 11, 2001 confirmed that freedom can not be taken for granted and that evil must be fought:
"Like the communists, those terrorists and radicals who attacked our country, the followers of a murderous ideology that despises freedom, destroys all dissent, has ambitions to expand and pursues totalitarian goals. Like the Communists, our new enemies believe, which can be kill the innocent for their own design projects. Like the Communists, our new enemies despise free peoples, claiming that those who live in freedom, frail and do not have the strength to defend our free way of life. And like the Communists, forcible followers of Islamic radicalism are doomed to failure. "
BNR representatives participated in the unveiling of the monument to the victims of communism in Washington, 13.06.2007

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