Can be overcome if the drug?

If a dozen years ago drugs because of their overhead could afford for themselves comfortably enough people or kids wealthy parents, but now, says chief doctor of the Minsk City Drug Dependency Clinic Sergei Milk:
"At the moment junkie such as poor as All other. After addicts lend. Previously gave rich now give anyone. Because addicts currently lacking from different classes. "
The most highly popular drug — methadone, which is sold in nightclubs
Most popular in Belarus drugs — heroin, methadone and drugs from poppy straw, which among drug addicts called "Compote". About 40% of all drug addicts use methadone, 20% — heroin and so called "compote". One third of the addicts consume amphetamines and kanabenoidy — hemp.
Sergei Milk argues that methadone is being created in Belarus also:
"Methadone syntezuetstsa based on chemical and technological institutes or departments respectively. Zealous young scientists. And so goes the highest purity, so to speak, kicks stronger. "
On the "black" market, the price of 1 gram of methadone ranges from 80 to 120 bucks. The average dose of the drug costs 25-30 bucks. And to get drugs — no problem, says the 20-year-old male:
"Come in at least some nightclub, and like any working security, the police, you can always buy drugs. Later — in the markets where they sell poppy pie, poppy seeds — there are young people buying and prickly."
Replacement therapy ": dependence on methadone methadone cure
Belarus used the most modern methods of treatment of drug addicts, says chief doctor of the Minsk narcological Sergei Milk:
"Consume so called"Substitution therapy" the same methadone. In Switzerland cure heroin — heroin, France cure apiyatnuyu dependence buprymarfinam (it is also drug product). In other words, fight fire with fire. This is when the acute process. And if the process goes into the subacute phase, or acquired — then have to decide whether through rehabilitation centers. A healing in a rehabilitation center — 6 months. "
Currently working in Belarus 14 rehabilitation centers for drug addiction patients, they are non-governmental.
No municipal rehabilitation centers. They operate at churches
For example, in the church Saligorsk "Christ for all Christians of Evangelical faith" acts such rehabilitation center. Deacon Igor Brodka church in the past he used drugs:
"Eight years was searches the path of liberation from this dependence. Disappointed in all human ways, most attempts to assist yourself medykamentoznymi means, I have concluded that the only person to whom I have not addressed, it was God. I just believe it, and as a result — came liberation. "
Full rehabilitation course in the center lasts about a year. Chief Doctor of the Minsk City narcological Sergei Milk, who knows how hard it is amenable to healing drug, expressed the following opinion about the rehabilitation centers:
"Where there is a great experience and well-honed system — which is acceptable. And so — 10-20% — this is the maximum."
According to statistics from the Ministry of Health, the number of times per year the unhealthy addiction increases by about 700 people. Last year only from a drug overdose in Belarus has killed more than 150 people.

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