Computational aspects of the Air Force re-

Computational aspects of the Air Force re-
Current state program re (LG-2020) has a rather «deep» and not entirely pleasant roots. Excellent plans to refurbish the armed forces have in its own database not only the country’s desire to upgrade and modernize the real part of the army. Economic and political difficulties encountered shortly before the collapse of the Russian Union, in one way or another are felt to this day. One of the consequences is just the weapons and equipment obsolescence. In recent decades one of the main directions of development of the armed forces is aviation. Practice has demonstrated that in certain specific criteria for this branch alone can solve a broad range of combat missions. But monetary upheavals led to the fact that at the present time the Russian Air Force in technical terms are something that unites within himself the latest models and techniques that were made back in the 80s. The need for radical renewal yavna.

Despite the statements of military and political control of planned and carried out the procurement of modern aircraft, willy-nilly, come to a conclusion about the catch-up. Worth quoting the number of the development and updating of the Russian Air Force in the last 10-12 years. Prior to the reform of the armed forces in 2008 and procurement statistics repairs was, to put it mildly, unsatisfactory. Smaller numbers appeared against bombers. Between 2000 and 2008, the Russian Air Force received one (!) Strategic bomber Tu-160 and three frontline bomber Su-34. It should be noted, obviously missing amount built «strategists» was offset by diplomatic means. Our first two thousandth’s birthplace all the same could get from Ukraine seven Tu-160 and three Tu-95MS, which became payment for debts. The smallness of the helicopters were more lucky: about 10 new Mi-28N, two Ka-50 and about fifteen multipurpose machines Mi-8. In general, the purchase of the latest technology in the period under review remained at the same level as in the 90s. But significantly increased the number of renovated and modernized machines. For eight years, certain necessary procedures has been more than 110 aircraft and helicopters. And yet these volumes also can not be called satisfactory.
Not counting the poor in purchases of aircraft and helicopters in the first 20 years since the collapse of the Union of Russian form and strengthen a few nasty trends directly affect the effectiveness of combat military pilots. Difficult financial situation is not allowed to bring to mind a number of projects guided weapons. Because of this, the currently lagging behind from foreign countries in the field of missiles «air-air» with active radar homing, tactical cruise missiles, guided bombs with satellite navigation, electronic warfare systems, etc. This problem, at first, was justified funding shortcoming: choosing between new weapons and its carriers, the command made a choice in favor of the latter. Of course, the new aircraft will be used and an old weapon, and «compatibility» of the new with the old ammunition carriers raises some doubts.

In the period from 2008 to 2012 the rate of equipping the Air Force with the latest technology grew palpable, though yet still can not match the volume of shipments during the Russian Union. In the coming eight years, until 2020, the Air Force will continue upgrading, while in the next few years it will dial the main rate. In the next eight years to the needs of military aircraft will have about 4 trillion rubles. Fully understood that these funds can buy an unlimited number of aircraft and helicopters, and also make a purchase new weapons. But even huge sums demand competent appeal to the appropriations were spent with the mind. Existing needs and demands of the times forced to immediately make plans for retrofitting units with different tactical role, which in itself is not easy.

Most attention, according to current plans, will be paid to frontline aviation. Before the accident in 2020 and is planned to run a series of fighter T-50 produced by the PAK FA program there. Will initially be done for more than 10 ka preproduction cars, and in the process of production to the end of the state program in 2020, the Air Force should get more than fifty of these fighters. After 2020 supplies last. Another big order associated with the previous generation aircraft. Su-35s belonging to the 4 + + generation already comes in the Air Force. Today’s order involves the construction of 48 such fighters. In the coming may be signing a new contract at a minimum of fifty aircraft. Upcoming fate of Su-35s in the main course of the project associated with the T-50. The fact that SU-35C is considered as a specific time in anticipation of this measure the transition to T-50. So Makar, purchase a huge number of aircraft generation 4 + + can be simply impractical. Short list of purchased fighters Su-Su-30cm and 27SM3. Their total number is small exceed four 10-ka, but the order of the upcoming growth is likely to be expected. A new type of mass must be frontline bomber Su-34. His tactical niche does not provide for a huge number of projects with various features, because in subsequent years, he will be the main, and then only frontline bombers Russian Air Force. Already at this point ordered 129 machines and likely new contracts. By the time the true forces transferred half the 10-ka similar bombers. Also worth mentioning is the likely order of ten to fifteen attack aircraft Su-25 in different versions. In the end, for the initial training of pilots of the future is already reality zatarivaemsya trainer Yak-130. 18 of these aircraft delivered to the customer, another fifty built either in the plans for construction.

The Air Force and the Defense Ministry also has great plans to upgrade military transport aircraft. The list of proposed and planned to purchase aircraft types is quite large. Including and for this reason the main transport aircraft deliveries will start only after 2015. By the time the true begun deliveries of light passenger An-140 and L-410UVP. Full number of these aircraft will be 40 units, a quarter of which is now operational. This coming after years 2014-15 will begin deliveries of heavy transport Il-76MD-90A in an amount of more than 4 10’s and 60 An-70. In addition, the likely purchase of 20 modernized An-124 «Ruslan», but for this aircraft is not yet clear.

For several months, reversing it became clear that the purchase of new bombers far is not currently planned. Tu-95MS and Tu-22M3 pretty long out of production and resume assembly makes no sense. With regard to the Tu-160 to nedavneshnego time were some hope — at the Kazan Aircraft Production Association had a foundation for the construction of a pair of such planes. But subsequent announcements about plans for the project PAK Well no reports on the purchase of Tu-160 allow appropriate conclusions. At the same time, it is entirely possible that before the end of the current state programs from distant aircraft did not have time to get the latest technology. The fact that the main funding for the development PAK DA will begin only after a couple of years, and it essentially shifts the terms of construction and testing layout.

Helicopters were much more lucky than strategic aviation. In 2020 plans including supplies almost 350 helicopters. Contract for Mi-28N shock involves the construction of nearly 170 helicopters. Ca-52, in turn, is constructed in an amount of more than 180 units. It should be noted that prior to the time nedavneshnego more promising attack helicopters for the Russian Air Force Mi-28N was listed. But for various reasons in the coming his main rival — the Ka-52 — became the subject of a larger contract. In addition, a certain number of helicopters firm «Kamov» will be ordered to equip amphibious ships project «Mistral». As in the case of fighters, helicopters complemented not just new machines, and upgraded. For these purposes, was ordered fifty Mi-35M helicopters, which are profound modernization of the Mi-24. So Makar, built up a huge number of Mi-28N and Ka-52 Russian Air Force will have time to update our own fleet of vehicles «transitional» machines.

Besides the Air Force combat helicopters and want to get traffic. In the past year, an agreement was signed on 38 languid Mi-26, 6 of which have already been transferred to the customer. Multipurpose Mi-8, in turn, will be built in even greater numbers. The total amount of the orders up to 2020 is likely to exceed 500 units. If all this is not forgotten and new helicopters easier class. So, 6 Ka-226 have already been collected and lately will be manufactured three 10-ka such helicopters are contracts for the supply of 32 «ANSAT» also considered the possibility of acquiring hundreds of Ka-62.

Immediately with the purchase of the latest technology will be carried out modernization of an old. Specifically, this method is planned to reach distant aviation updates. Until 2020, the repair and renovation will be half the 10-ka missile Tu-160 and 30 Tu-95MS and Tu-22M3. In addition, in the sector of heavy aircraft will be updated about forty of old Il-76 modifications (to the state of IL-76MDM) and two 10-ka An-124 «Ruslan». Is left unattended and tactical aviation. End modernization bombers Su-24M and Su-24MR reconnaissance at about hundreds of units also receive new equipment 10-12 scouts MiG-25RB. Can be continued updates Su-27 fighters to the state Su-27SM. Already begun work on the modernization of the MiG-31 interceptors (to version «BM») and Su-25 (to «CM»), which eventually will get new abilities for each type of aircraft 120. In the end, the distant planes airborne warning and control A-50 will repair and refitting in accordance with the version of the A-50U.

As we see, the Ministry of Defense there are big plans for the coming eight years. Mastering the 4 trillion rubles will be connected with some specific neuvvyazkami, first, production disposition. During the years of inactivity and missing production volumes Enterprise aircraft industry lost some of their own potentials. In addition, the lost years of a negative impact on technological development. So Makar, the ordinary at first glance buy the latest technology wrapped multistage composition with restoration companies, updating production equipment, the establishment of links between plants, etc. Fully understood that all of this will be very difficult, long and expensive. But there is no choice: such things do not quite long, because re-state program has corresponding value.

In addition, we should remember the need to develop new weapons, first driven. In some areas of this class implements we are behind the world leaders. But this gap has some dignity. Country-industry leaders have already not only managed to create their weapons latest models, and test them in real criteria of modern warfare. Accordingly, the Russian military and engineers do not have to spend a lot of time and effort to identify more promising type weapons. Yet, even such pleasant facts hardly simplify rearmament in general and Air Force viz. Municipal programm still reclaims the tremendous investment of effort, time and money.
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