Crankshaft: People here kindest, most insightful


How many times have I heard this phrase about the Belarusians. "Oh, with what pleasure I read in Belarusian, but no luck in time with the teacher BelMova. "
Children with teacher Crankshaft town native word lucky, very. Galina Kaspiarovich, young beautiful woman with ecstasy knows me about their own work, and I secretly envy her pupils.

Galina "What can about children? Kids — this is sho helps evaluate knitted world. Kids — very catchy figure shmatgrannastsi human morals shmatbakovastsi development of human persons.
I go to class, I have 20 one person, and everyone — personality. Regardless of the level of knowledge, regardless of the points they receive. And more kids for me — a source of positive energy. Even if they are standing on your head, it’s still cool. They constitute a very significant part of my life.
From time to time it seems — health does not allow. Thus, it is difficult. I would like to maybe quit to go. But come to work — and you realize that it’s not about the money. Fact, that you just can not live without it. "
One detail about Galininaga health. A woman can not walk. 10 years ago she was in severe car accident. Since that time, confined to a wheelchair Galina. But listen more.
Galina: "I came to class, said:" Baby, you’re my one hope. Winter, hard. Although we live very close to the school, I drive through the snow can not. Please our every activity, if you want it not to shirk, please come to me. "
And they are so used to that already completed winter, summer already — they are on the clock, the school completed lesson run. "Guys — I say — pull. Just easier." No, they raised hands. Half corridor with a stroller run, with noise, with din … "
Reporter: "Is there a fraternity of people in wheelchairs?"
Galina: "Yes. There society Barrier, which is called the "Association of wheelchair users." In Kolodishchi is the center where are engaged in dancing, choreography through rehabilitation. "
Reporter: "Are you engaged in dancing?"
Galina: "Yes, engaged. For me it was very important, very many gave. Was a revolution that everything has been turned upside down. I came home a totally different person. I wanted to be like everyone else, not to dwell on his own disease. And just to live, and live by every funny day.
Having been there, I felt the taste of life. What not to miss anything. You can not miss a minute. Should be given at a maximum of every day. After spending 10 years in a wheelchair, I realized that I have to get up one percent of the 100. And not that I do not regret … For me, this is not essential. For me basically how I live the rest of own life, I have time to do … "
Those dances are not only strengthened Galina morally and physically. On the dance floor Galina met her husband, Oleg. And they came out very lovely family.
Crankshaft drowning in greenery. Construction dominant city — high Jesuit church, rebuilt the church, stands in bolshennom park.
Large park near the village of princes Potocki, who is remembered alley She Chechot steps and so far have not lost shlyahetnastsi own.
Park goes into the forest Repihavski where 9 June 1863 there was a battle between rebels and Russian troops Kalinowski. In memory of that action in the forest Barrow. And sign with a suitable text available.
My tour guide was made today by Crankshaft local school graduate Misha.

Reporter: "What influences you, young people, here is the historical surroundings of the village Crankshaft? Here Kalinouski and fight, not far from here lived Yang Chechet. This somehow affects the national feeling? Sense of patriotism?"
Misha: "Kalinowski deserves respect. He was a fighter. For freedom, for national, purely for Belarus, for ours. So as not to depend on the Russian Federation."
Reporter: "In your opinion, the current president of Belarus, he continues the line of independence? He continues to deal Kalinowski or not? "
Misha: "He continues. Alexander G. rose in my sight particularly in the situation of gas when prices Our homeland was trying to raise. Here he enrolled as a fighter. Until recently tried to arrange this situation. Struggled. I’m proud of it."

At the cemetery kryvoshynskih my attention lured one grave. Framed in Belarusian, completely groomed. With portrait looked young fighter who lived only eighteen years.
Sergei Svyantetski had to serve a few months in the internal troops. He was killed by criminals in Baranovichi performing debt. In naming his Crankshaft named street. Where ancestors live fighter, Richard and Alla. Mom does not hide his own claims to the high control.

Alla: "He does not remember our dead babies in peacetime. During peacetime kids died in the army. He does not remember. Even nowhere says about it.’s" Afghans "- yes. And now that the kids died in peacetime, no does not remember. "
Reporter: "But you live on the street son?"
Alla: "Yes. Perymenavanne did. Kolhoznaya street was, and did Sergei Svyantetskaga street."
Richard: "Oh, there was a struggle with these communists in this street."
Alla: "I do not want to call."
Reporter: "Alla, time does not cure or cures?"
Alla: "no cure. Just over time zvykaessya. And it seems like yesterday. And get up and CLADES, this does not happen a day or so as not to remember what happened there."
Emperor Richard squat economic man, engaged in the creation of tombstones. States that every year more die young. And old master lament the difficult situation in his own case.
Richard: "At the moment, anywhere, in any store you will not find cement. Cement entire shadow. Lukashenko now yelling on TV," will direct check! "It got to him. And it lasts for two years. And he would check? Liberalization is necessary to make . Freedom. then go economy, taxes go to the government. You fight, but not by such means as he fights. "
About Kryvoshynskaga temple stands a granite stele, obviously not of Russian origin. But there was no sign on the obelisk not.
Local kryaznavtsa, past history teacher, octogenarian Leonid Vikentievich, without restraint in expressions told me another story about the vandalism on the graves. Here, near the church, buried German soldiers of the First World War.

Leonid: "Well, you see, the Bolsheviks guarded. And Democrats did not like for some reason."
Reporter: "Yes? They tore down not so long ago?"
Leonid: "Sent 1st jerk pop. Came moron, and let’s do it with a bulldozer. Grave There was one officer. I say," What are you doing? "-" Here lie the Puritans. "So what? Visited. Came with ass naked, and went — three cars loaded. rob that allowed ".
Reporter: "Father?"
Eugene: "Who then? We last sir, I liked it here and there in 1938. This was my father. This was an educator, curator. All regalia can attribute to it. Anyone said that the priest went to the kolkhoz array steal beet … And this moron machine arrives. God gave, and I’m God’s protege. load, well, everything. "
And at the end of the address in a few words from her mother Galina Belarusians Kaspiarovich. She knows exactly how my countrymen are ready to come to the aid of a heavy moment.

Lena: "People here are the kindest, most astute. Each other help, commiserate. Friendly. Neskupyya. We were all previously papryhodyats, would togethers. As Pebbles from the clinic. And everyone knows something of their own. Each after his own. And here are going to find a topic and general, for conversation. And funny and Pebbles in these dialogues enter. And pass a winter evening. Great people. "
Reporter: "Die Belarusians do not gi
Lena: "No way. As taught in the institute, and how bolnichki lay. Circle ".

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