Democrats between East and West

According to political analyst views, Ph.D. Vyacheslav Orgish, Congress of Democratic Forces indicates: the opposition there are two orientation directions — one to the West, in a united Europe, and the other to the East — in Russia.
"Today, like it did not take the Communists, Social Democrats, members of the UCP, BPF, of course, that the process occurs razbyagannya opposition forces and will last — says Orgish. — Here different background. But, in my opinion, one of the main is that directly led to two areas of foreign policy, economic, and cultural orientation. Some are drawn to the East, the other — to the West. And in my opinion, in the near and medium term, this will determine the situation in the Belarusian opposition. "
"In Russia, there are circles that want to keep control of Belarus …"
"Naturally, it would be great if I was able to integrate the two approaches — Vyacheslav Orgish continues." — And with all this to keep the main thing — the sovereignty and democracy. And develop them further. But I think, focus on a specific part of the opposition East conceals within itself a danger. The fact that in Russia there are certain political circles that want to keep control of Belarus, both politically and economically. And deal with these forces can lead to certain losses as regards sovereignty, economic independence, etc.
Because, in my opinion, if all other approaches need to take as a base a European direction. "
"Fractions — just divide …"
Member of the Supreme Council of the 13th convocation Vladimir Nistuk believes a big mistake in the creation of a new Congress it political factions. Why?
"Do not spelled out procedure creation fractions. Need to know what they are, what rights do?
We have a hard experience Sun 13th convocation, when deputies elected majoritarian, and later created a faction under the party discipline. Maybe immodest, but I say that as one of the initiators of the collection of signatures under the impeachment of Alexander Lukashenko, I had spent much time on a lot of discussions with staff from other factions, who simply did not have fractional solutions to write such statements. Fractions only divide, they are not combined. "
"This is a step backwards …"
Minsk City Council last MP, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Fund to promote local development Alexander Tipsters believes that this is a democratic movement need a single favorite. And they could be Alexander Milinkevich, says the source:
"I think on the atmosphere and on the consequences of this prochuvstvovaniyu Congress — a step back. At me feeling heavy. Strategy adopted, but I do not know who will do it. If today was the full composition of Congress, much of it would not be supported. A strategy that does not support large part, it seems to me, has no future. "
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