Donors Belarus begin warning strike

Blood transfusion station — not the largest in town. And some visitors donor own queue waiting outside.
Reporter: "We stand at the station of blood transfusion, and I ask: Have you no time to donate blood?"
Guy: "Yes. I donated blood for the 1st kid who needed the blood. And so, on purpose, I give back, that it should be made . "
Woman: "If you can help people, then I believe you need it mattersbe. After all, some people need donated blood. Kids at the moment and very often was ill. And because I believe that this is true. "
Reporter: "How do you feel about the fact that the benefits for donors to cancel?"
Guy: "On my eyes, opposite sorts of methods need help, give some new benefits, strengthen social policies, but not cancel. "
Lady: "It is desirable to leave. After all, people also need something to encourage. In addition, it is our duty. After all, every kind of failure can happen. You can cancel any benefits others, but certainly throw a donor. "
As for donor support for the strike, all my interlocutors first heard about it from me. And as the blood they give from time to time, then nothing will be able to assist employees Mogilev.
Question blood collection stations decide in the main, by the students. Now these were 28 people at the end of the session will be even less, and it takes about weave. To make a better situation, we need a fundamentally different approach, says chief doctor Road station of blood transfusion, donor noble Zbigniew Pabyarzhyn:
"If you lie to yourself to finish, the only incentive — a payment. Pay — donors have not paid — no. Example, a donation in Israel — 400-500 dollars they pay. And the fact that we pay — 60 thousand — it does not solve any economic problems of man. Just need to change the approach. "
According to official statistics, every year in Belarus is preparing about 130 tons of blood. It a couple of times less than required by European standards. Cancellation of privileges and status donation donor country only worsen. In character protest and declared that the current strike. Exclusively in Mogilev blood does not come to pass about a thousand donors, says one of the organizers Igor Kovalenko:
"To bureaucrats, all ministries, all the deputies, who saw this shameful law that they have seen that donors — it’s not a bunch of confused people, and a powerful force — it is necessary, of course, that we were joined by other donors."
According to Kovalenko, in the first week of the strike will be prepared lifelong donors. The other day, Igor Kovalenko a symbol of protest against the abolition of privileges in public refused merits "Noble donor of Belarus."
According to official statistics, every third inhabitant of the country at least once in life needed blood. On this day in Belarus for more than 40 thousand people have the title of "Noble donor." All government deprives them of discounts on medicines, dentures, sanatorium vouchers, pension bonuses. "
• In protest against the abolition of privileges donor returns "The noble character", 14.06.2007
• June 20 — warning strike donors, 14.06.2007

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