Europe does not change the preferences to release Sevyarinets and Statkievich

This was stated by Jean-Eric Holzapfel, coordinator for relations with Belarus Consulate European Commission to Ukraine and Belarus.
The statement was taken during an online conference organized by the Belarusian Internet publication
The diplomat stressed that "the mechanism of the system of preferences is not affiliated with political prisoners, it is connected with the protection of trade union rights and the observance of the International Labour Organisation criteria."
The decision to deprive Belarus of trade preferences adopted The European Commission in Last year December 20 with a grace period of 6 months. Review of this decision can only happen on the basis of a new report, the International Labour Organization, if it is marked progress in Belarus in the issue of trade union rights. The report will be presented in June this year.
Holzapfel Emperor refused to answer the question, shows the release of political prisoners, Belarus makes a step towards Europe. He only said that the release of all political prisoners is one of the main requirements of the European Union, which were Last year articulated in the document "What the EU could bring to Belarus?"
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