Every night for a handful of experienced friends nyasupynna Male …

Good day! Here are the memoirs of the past to find in the pages of the Belarusian press June 22, various years.
"Free Belarus" in 1917, tells the story of Congress of Teachers Minsk province: "From their words carried vognastsyu basement and such arhaichnastsyu, conservatism, backwardness and savagery that captive yakos itself raised the question: what is it — the Congress or teachers’ assembly truly Russian people "? .. Izymatelstva and vyskalyanne from all native, of Belarusian, nizrazumelaya pakeplivanne with contempt and that no Russian … bayazlivasts the very people they came from … — Here are the motifs that held sway at the Congress .. . "
"South American press reports that Lithuania started an action, that has try to separate from Poland Vilna, Grodno and Novogrudskaya neighborhood and the creation of the area of general Belarusian republic — wrote in 1927, "Nowe Zycie". — The decision to develop a separate country adopted during a political conference, which invited Belarusians from Poland. It is clear that the republic will never be formed, but Lithuania loves demonstration against Poland. Because of the harsh disk imaging nobody pays attention not. "
On this week 1957 "Fatherland" to speculate about repression 30s: "Together with the five-year plans Bolshevik yes collectivization in Belarus already passed many devastating terrorist gush … In those times zgibelnyya Minsk House writer people visited priemuschestvenno to behold even the survivors and hear about people’s victims. According experienced every night a handful of friends nyasupynna Male. Not so if it became absolutely necessary once a day although Chacín, pozirkavaya friendly meeting. "

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