For you, pochetaemy president, so hate the Belarusian people humble, patient and long-suffering?

Man: "It is better if the opposition made stickers with waves Radio Liberty Radio and Radio Station. "
Vladimir, Polotsk, "Our House of Representatives (Not very clear who they represent) in primarily must take perks in themselves. And only later need to think well worth otymat funds from ordinary people, through which all of these parasites live. "
Retired, Grodno region. "Soon the abolition of privileges. Fare will feel seniors and students, obviously, their ancestors. So. And MPs will lose this privilege. And before you beheld deputy House of Representatives at the bus station or stop? And yet, the Minister of Social Security and Labour reassured by 2010 the size of pensions will rise to 480 thousand rubles. This compensates for the loss. So maybe first need to raise wages, pensions, scholarships, and later take the law? With reverence. "
Man: "The current Congress Democratic factions — it is a historical farce Slutskaya, lordly and Targowica Confederation."
Man: "Pochetaemaya Editorial me 71 years, I’m a veteran labor. Worked all my life in Belarus. Question I wish to ask the president and his deputies pocket concerning the abolition of all privileges. For what you pochetaemy president, so hate the Belarusian people humble, patient and suffering ? "
Man: "I want to express my worldview. Discuss the benefits directly, but not the word "benefits" absmoktvaetse. Ask for higher wages, pensions, scholarships, regulations. And we can work befitting for a fee. "

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