Gennady Pear: We came back again in 1986

"For the current government officials as not, then — no!"
(Ira Kocharova, Mogilev) "Non-governmental organizations are deprived of our recovery activities kids. This — the fruit of a conscious practice of the authorities aimed at municipal monopoly even in this sphere. What to do in just such stringent criteria and complete control restrictions?"
(Pear 🙂 "What is happening the last three or four years, it is difficult to realize. Numbers on the recovery, which the government appeals reflect practically kids stay on their school grounds. Unless other words healthy? With all this really almost destroyed public charity. For the current government officials as not, then — no!
Where is the exit? Society must vigorously join humanitarian initiatives like our organization "Children of Chernobyl" that still remain in Belarus. "
(Kocharova 🙂 "How do in practice? Who specifically to find support? "
"One other. People need to start again contact among themselves. How do you, for example, know about yet vibrant community, at least tie it with us. Oncoming intrigued I guarantee: we will rebuild again that the authorities destroyed. How again not 10 — ki, and join the thousands of this case, State then there is nothing left except the public dialogue. "
(Valentin Novik, Baranovichi) "Pochetaemy sovereign Grushevoi as affected municipal restrictions on foreign aid Chernobyl public initiatives — humanitarian aid in its various manifestations became less?"
"Stay Unit of the number of organizations involved in this. They simply imposed intolerable restrictions. Addition, two years back the government decided that people who receive social assistance from countries that do not have the right to have additional support from us. How did they take all something from non-governmental organizations, bureaucrats recount assets acquired by them in the social program that continue virtually sum calculated accordingly — nonsense!
As for healing the children, the number of those who leave at the moment abroad decreased almost twice. This provoked strong statements control the address to our country. Was 45-46 thousand, and was 22-23 thousand. "
"Belarusian school camps — a parody of recovery, rehabilitation of Chernobyl and even healthy children"
(Lady, Vitebsk) "Foreign-abroad, but why not take Chernobyl children comfortably people of unblemished Belarusian regions?"
"Once we thought about such abilities. But gradually it became clear: almost the entire country is contaminated with radionuclides. This dramatically suzivat search capabilities of real rehabilitation abilities. Point here is not in terms of rich-poor, moral-immoral — just our children better abroad . "
(Lady) "And I still believe that everything will not be able to go there, because you need do something at home. "
"In the middle 1990s, some large public initiatives have been finding here pioneer camps to form recreation, rehabilitation, rehabilitation. But none of this government is not willing to give. She wants to keep everything in his own hands. Because our efforts to build here, in Belarus, strong system of improvement, recreation kids, were in vain. "
(Constantine Boyko) "The presentation was the last book you Ales Adamovich dubbed himself his disciple. Huge Belarus What lessons do you think the main yourself?"
"The main thing — it plainclothes position. This man, whom we miss — well, they do not know who … Because in the current criteria can influence the Belarusian mentality specifically such as Adamovich. A professional our countryman was able to do something not only word, and deed. personal behavior. catchy all his life. "
(Tatiana, Grodno) "Belarus is not built new children’s sanatorium, and whether arranges ancient Russian recreation and rehabilitation malehankih young and Chernobyl?"
"It suits only in the sense that the ancestors of soothing: Babes at least under some supervision during school holidays. Other meaning of these camps is not there. This is not healthy, not rehabilitation … Even healthy kids — and in Belarus such practically remained at their state statistics, only 18 percent are in need of an entirely different.
Unfortunately, the government is building monuments for themselves — large libraries, palaces, where they play two or three hundredths of good fellows … And for Chernobyl kids just reorient everyday dispensaries — Evaluation of government itself can only be unsatisfactory. It is logical that the government officially recognizes the deterioration of the health of civilization. Not need to think about where and how to build nuclear power plants, and — special children’s sanatorium ".
"Thanks to official propaganda provincial Belarus almost forgotten about Chernobyl failure"
(Theodore Dubuque, Brest) "Why limit state child Chernobyl holidays did not cause a massive public protest in the area?"
"Today, largely due to official propaganda provincial Belarus almost forgotten about Chernobyl failure. No, it’s somewhere in the memory sits, but is relevant to the majority of ordinary people is no longer perceived. Especially since, Since 2000 the official propaganda says: the tragedy have been overcome. Say, is the rehabilitation of areas, there can be vorachivatsya and work quietly, raise all the right … As a result, people practically deny for themselves in understanding what is happening to them, what the government does with their babies. "
(Galina Luhverava, Minsk) "What can you say about the efforts of Belarusian scientists in the post-Chernobyl is harmless?"
"First they created a lot of principle, to draw attention to Belarus. To assure the international community — the country needs help. They lobby opposes massive nuclear energy, the IAEA. Once out of 5 Westerners carried us so called research, and each time the results were simply indescribable to say: almost a couple of people injured slightly in children with difficulties glands, but it is not deadly Tipo!
Unfortunately, as soon as the Belarusian government reoriented specifically at these numbers. Officially support those Russian researchers who suggest that the worst is left behind. By 1998, the Academy of the Government’s decision on a giant printed book with a compilation of all the research on the topic of Chernobyl. Then the president ordered that book away. And since the beginning of 2000, I can not even invite a conversation real experienced scientists — is not all scared sincere discussions because they want to work and have a piece of bread.
Such scientific daziravanasts disk imaging, zasakrechvanne real data is very dangerous, we returned again in 1986.
Complexity of the situation and that the international community is beginning to respond more rapidly to the official positive information about Chernobyl. Endlessly refute my logic data Belarusian scientists and government — we, say, no problems … It’s creepy. "
(Galina) "I’ve heard a lot about the development of the Belarusian entitled Vitapect, a tool that cleans the body from Tipo radionuclides. What do you say?"
"This is the fruit of the efforts of Dr. Nesterenko. There are many such drugs, but — expensive. This is quite a cheap, pocket on every Belarusian: a monthly rate of about 8-10 thousand rubles. Measurements of cesium, which were conducted specifically demonstrate the effectiveness Vitapect. But here one no panacea. Need pharmaceutical composition, it is necessary to consult with experts. health situation we have, again, as before very severe. "

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