German expert: Cancel the mandate of the Special Rapporteur on Belarus should not become the rule for UN Council

According to Berlin expert, representatives of the EU withdid everything likely to minimize sample "eastern most" Glad to weaken this law enforcement agency.
On a positive decision of the Council referred to the possibility of Wolfgang Heinz upcoming collaboration with local non-governmental human rights organizations in the process of monitoring the situation with human rights.
According to the analyst, the Europeans managed to convince the other members of this Council, despite the fact that China insisted dastatkovastsi government reports Human Rights.
Wolfgang Heinz decision does not preclude the development of new special rapporteur mandates in time subsequent Board meetings.
• The Council terminated the UN special rapporteur positions Belarus and Cuba, 19.06.2007
• A.Belyatsky "Cancel rapporteur — a result of the political contract", 19.06.2007
• Gaiduchevici and Protko — exclusion of Belarus from the blacklist UN 19.06.2007

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