Hans-Georg Wieck Belarus to the West is still unknown country

Hans-Georg Wieck continues to criticize the European Union for the fact that "Belarus is still for the West so-called" unknown state. "
"Belarusians need everyday information about what is happening"
Vic: "Naturally, there is some progress. Raises questions about the euro authorized Belarus, Fund for the development of civilian society, go support the Euro Institute of Humanities, different educational youth programs …
In terms of solidarity, different applications, protests against Lukashenko — everything is in order. But all this can not be something the current call to support the opposition.
Experience as assist the opposition, which is pressure regime in the fight against this regime in the Euro Union or not. Of course, the Belarusian population need, for example, everyday information that in fact happens.
In the day of the Berlin conference "Prospects for Belarus" I raised this topic. I uttered: "Yes, we need it to be." But support for Europe in this direction should be in the form of even more than before. "
Reporter: "As a continuation of the theme — how do you feel about the visa issue? Schengen visa for Belarusians — it’s not just cheap. In the near future is often the same representatives of civilian society, law-abiding Belarusians are rejected on arrival in the country of the European Union — with no explanation of the circumstances. "
Vic: "This is what angers me in particular. But wait, first held in July in the Bundestag debate on this subject with the role of all parties. From the" greenish "liberal parties already exists broad support. But … While in the EU institutions , indeed, not enough RAM to work on democratization of Belarusian society, strengthening civilian society. "
Reporter: "You mentioned yesterday’s conference in Berlin" Prospects for Belarus. "Several participants from the Belarusian side familiar to you since the work in Minsk. If long time no see friends, and later meet, talk to them, involuntarily concludes this remained at the same level, this progress has been made, it — more. recollection What makes you familiar to the Belarusian opposition? "
"The main plus of the opposition — new faces"
Vic: "You know, every organization has its own and progress, and its stagnation. Chief plus Belarusian opposition — Causes, opposing stagnation. During 1-x, new faces. This young people that have their awareness regarding release from officially imposed Russification in Europe and they do not wish to return to the USSR.
Another principal plus. In connection with today’s worsening economic situation appeared very noteworthy applets-independent economists path of Belarus to the European Union — for example, Romanchuk.
Belarusian economy, which is now planned for this Russian, of course, not will be no chance if prices energoelementy reached the world level. Financial system should be reformed. And then the opposition is prepared better than a system. "
Reporter: "What are the disadvantages of the opposition?"
Vic: "There is a threat of a split. Four years I lived in Belarus and with European employees worked for strategic understanding of opposition forces inside and unions during elections around one candidate."
Reporter: "How German side took no conference Milinkevich? This policy, as they say, always take the West. Their respects to him showed the highest leaders of the EU and Germany. "
Vic: "I believe that other members of the opposition are recognized in Europe for more than Milinkevich. Milinkevich perceived as a common candidate from the democratic forces in last year’s presidential election. Other members of the opposition — as his friends in the coalition that helped to strengthen solidarity between the various democratic organizations.
I believe that the democratic coalition Milinkevich and for all of its own peculiarities must come to a common goal and to be together during the new election. I see this as a matter of course.
The main thing for the opposition — to develop certain other proposals population in the economic and social sphere. "
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