How aphrodisiac Belarusians prefer?

Aphrodisiac — not only oysters, but with garlic and onions
Aphrodisiac — it means increasing current strength of the body, including, and enhance sexual potency. Of goods in most cases, egg, eggs, seafood, walnuts, almonds, dark chocolate, asparagus, celery, avocado, figs, mangoes and even onion and garlic.
Researcher old Belarusian cuisine Edward Zaikovskii states that have aphrodisiac and Belarusians. The effectiveness of old Belarusian confirmed recipes and modern research work of the Italians that the parameters to hot peppers:
"In times of stateliness Principality our aristocratic cuisine differed very huge amount of seasoning. As you know, seasonings, pepper the same — they cause a rush of blood to certain organs. And they could provide exciting action potency. And ordinary people in this capacity tried garlic. But here comes another problem: how could positively partnersha refers to garlic flavor … "
Beaver Stream — Belarus Viagra?
What can attributed to modern aphrodisiacs? Researcher Belarusian cuisine Edward Zaikovskii classic styled for Belarusians parsley, celery. Remembered and traditional remedies that experienced for yourself:
"A strong aphrodisiac almost Belarusian Tipo Viagra is beaver stream. I personally at one point tried vodka, the insistence on the castoreum, and I can assure competent, that neither the smallest impact she has had in this direction. "
Belarusians in special situations addressed the magical powers Etnakulturolyag Tatyana Volodina states that Belarusians find sexy power sources not only in the usual grub:
"In people’s memory, in the ethnographic literature preserved in the main description is not so called aphrodisiacs, and a more constructive means of which went to help the man in special situations. Well, for example, it was necessary saskrebstsi little oxhorn and or mixed into a drink or smokes. On any fine products like oysters, it was not. If any of the herbs, so it lyubistak and oregano. "
Italian seksolyag Serenela Solomon argues that "sex and food — a magical alchemy mixing parts, but when it comes to food, essentially drown out all other feelings."
From the perspective of the Italian doctors, aphrodisiacs have no great value. On aphrodisiacs currently write in the main culinary books, and not sur» no serious medical research papers.

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