How many medals Belarusians can count on the Beijing Olympics?

If we start counting from now, before the opening of the Beijing Olympics is exactly 14 months. 8th August 2008 the official opening of the most popular events on the planet. Athletes will compete for 906 medals.
How many medals can expect Olympians Belarus? With this issue I appealed to the Deputy Minister of Sports and Tourism of Belarus Dmitry Shichko.
Sovereign Shichko results initially recalled the last 3 Olympics. In Atlyantse Belarusians have 15 medals in Sydney — 17 in Athens — again same fifteenth added that this number allows the athlete comes to Belarus by 20 of strongest countries in the world. But This time will be harder to explain to the Deputy Minister:
"There is a trend that is the number of states that are beginning to pinch off a little from medalnaga pie. It — from Africa, South America. Various disciplines declared previously unknown athletes who are competitive in the international arena."
High quality training for the Olympics requires large funds. The first time these contracts until the end of the Olympic cycle with a core group of possible Olympians and head coaches in each sport. Prince Shichko elaborates:
"We now have 160 scholarships of the President of the Republic of Belarus. Plus 200 scholarships, which has permitted us to establish a government. Huge help to us has presidential sports club, who also established 100 scholarships. Real incentives for Olympians fully meaningful."
The temperature in Beijing during the Olympics can reach 45 degrees and the humidity to 95%. In such languid criteria there is a great temptation to use doping agents. In Belarus this going to lead the toughest baratsbu.Upershynyu created State Anti-Doping Committee. A 19 Belarusians have already received certificates so called doping officers.
"Olympic Merit, Olympic medals must be completely unsullied in the use of illegal drugs. And it One of the most » ezneyshyh severe problems of modern sport "- says the secretary general of the National Olympic Committee of Belarus Jora Katulin.

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