How many refugees left from Belarus?

According to official data, in Belarus recorded 790 refugees. How many people left from Belarus and was granted refugee status — such statistics are available. How to leave Belarus for political reasons, for safety, well, in general, what are the main prerequisites to find happiness abroad?
"It is hard to say how many. If for political reasons, it seems that the bill goes to weave, — says human rights activist Ales Bialiatski. — Mass, so to speak, "Blame" political, public activists not. Since 2001 he was the most massive political outflow. And after the last presidential campaign — it is no longer very many. But many leaving for economic reasons, to be honest. In such criteria as in our country, here is so tightly woven political, economic, social, civilian motives that can not blame them. "
Belarusians of recognizable refugee status in Poland got control office "Pouchet" Alexander Pupeyko, Commercial Director MAZ Alexander Yakovlev, bank manager "European" Valery groove. Zenon Pozniak policy and Sergey Navumchyk in August 1996, received political asylum in the United States. Whole brigade former uniformed services — the ex-head of the Minsk prison alkanes Uglyanitsa KGB investigator, investigators prosecutors Zharnasiek, Petrushkevich, Sluchak live at the moment in Germany, USA, Norway. In Germany — the family of politicians Gennady Karpenko and Yuri Zakharenko. Slawomir Adamowicz poet, creator of the poem, "Kill the President", also lives in Norway, journalist Alexander Silich — in Belgium. Of course, the premise of emigration at everyone …
The last head of the Minsk detention center Oleg Alkaev after a report on the events connected with the disappearance of Zakharenko, Gonchar, Krasovsky had go to Germany. Received refugee status in seven months. Currently lives with his family in Berlin. Oleg Alkaev knows:
"It is hard to say that the most difficult. Certainly, lifestyle change usual, with Belarus to the German. Here a little differently people live. No problems here I do not have neither physical nor economic, nor moral. Sons already adapted, they are German learned the language better than I do. eldest son and his wife are employed, the youngest yet. My wife and I live on social assistance. "
Political motives emigrated many young activists, mostly in Poland, Czech Republic. Anton Telezhnikov was active in the youth movement "Bison". Emigrated to Poland in 2002. Enrolled in private higher education business. To pay for school, work as a loader, distribute marketing brochures. Rent an apartment. Made in Warsaw ‘Union to support democracy in Belarus. "
"He connects voedinyzhdy Polish activists also Belarusians refugees, people who are trained here temporarily to work — says Telezhnikov. — Our common goal — is to inform the Polish society about the situation in Belarus, also strive to motivate the Polish government, that he actively helped Belarus . If only one of our company’s 16th "day of solidarity" Poles lost many stereotypes against Belarus . "
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