Human Trafficking: Belarus has been in Watch List

Such reports are prepared every year since 2001.
State Coordinator applets "La strada" Ira Olhovka read the report yesterday.
She notes that the document has many critical remarks in the address of Belarus:
"Maybe the State Department aimed to compare the situation, assess the progress in comparison with previous years. "
Since 2001, Belarus was in the midst of such reports second category of countries — the countries that make significant, but had not done enough to stop human trafficking.
A recent report of Belarus has moved closer to the third category of countries where the situation is alarming. Belarus has been in so called "Watch List" — a list of States under close supervision.
State coordinator of international programs from "La strada" Ira Olhovka expressed such a world:
"If we talk about the withdrawal of the report on the effectiveness of the fight against trafficking in human beings, this efficiency must be assessed not only by number criminal cases. After all, if we have a look at the number of criminal cases, then they opened more than 2-thousand. Activities should be evaluated by the number of sentences. And it is small, the number of convictions. This is one point with which I agree. "
Not so long ago in Belarus considered a resounding court case to control modeling agencies. They were charged in a criminal organization for the development of human trafficking and pimping.
10 people were sentenced to terms ranging from 8 to 12 years imprisonment. But not all criminal cases come to court.
Another important note of the report of the assistance and support to victims of trafficking in Belarus have partially non-governmental organizations, not the government.
Says Ira Olhovka:
"If you associate the amount of funds that the government allocates funding for law enforcement activities and to assist the victims, then there is an account in favor of activities implemented by law enforcement agencies, prosecutors and the judiciary. Certainly, this is one of the characteristics that you want to do better."
The report analyzes the main work of municipal bodies. Unfortunately, now the Ministry officials for comment Interior report of the U.S. State Department Trafficking in Persons failed.
As uttered in the press service, "for technical reasons" — the report did not have time to translate from British language.

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