I listen to it as — I have a bad mood week

Man: "Pochetaemye Radio Liberty! I wish to express their worldview about sentencing Malady. At the moment, the authorities became unprofitable plant opposition in jail — where they feed the need to waste their money. Better to award a penalty, excess million treasury not hurt. And if you are great, you need to be indignant that are judged not criminals, and conscientious people who own country good wish. That’s all. "
Man: "After the Congress, in all probability, Alexander Milinkevich is for Kalyakin Lebedko Vecherko etc. competitor. This has forced these gentlemen eventually earn. After listening to a list of obligations for each of the four goals, nothing severe, except grin, this structure does not cause that recalls the pioneering band of 4 units of Stalin and Brezhnev times. Oleg appease Trusova dialogue with Lukashenka, you need to be vigilant. Lukashenko differently if he really trusted, quiet and can be fooled. For him, it’s nothing. And to rouse laughter, insulting, before another Belarusian Assembly. "
Constant listener: "At the present day judicial authorities received more than a million complaints and appeals. Here you imagine for yourself! A few million industrious people of our country. I exclude the children, the elderly, more than 1 million complaints and appeals? What does this mean? More than 2,600 crimes on the roads, killing, beating people intoxicated … Really our country not converted gangster? In judicial authorities prabessya. And take the law enforcement, administrative, economic, ministries, departments, etc. — There are crowds! Man can not reach to anything! Stupid! And if you take medicine, housing and utilities, it is generally a concentration camp. Lukashenko’s where you need to look! "
"I think you fellows, that raised the question about blood donors. This question is a very important for our people, for kids. These people need to support and help them. And when those mardastsenkiya, sit in the manual, believe that all this should be done smartly, in the collective farm, country-style, then it is very bad. This is the first. Second. Yesterday, our majestic this again laugh the whole of Europe and the whole country. He tried to tell the children a piece of paper, kind, smart, professional … Such gems gave! Well, for example: "10% to give you the nature, and the rest -" ass "- you need to sit, you need to organize a base." Oh, so always — for it is shameful! I listen to it as — I have a bad mood a week. "
Vasily Tyuhay Berezin: "Good day. There are other plausible explanations regarding Myagenkaya sentences Malady. Lukashenko has decided to accelerate the integration process, and Our homeland is not willing to get involved in your own composition obviously dictatorial regime, so as not to spoil the reputation for himself in the eyes of the international community."
Jackiewicz Alexander, Vitebsk: "Good morning, pochetaemaya" Freedom. "Only just sounded a verse Bogdanovich" Gentle breeze, warm evening. "I’m on a poem written by Bogdanovich four chorus and maybe not that bad. I would be curious you to listen. Maybe you would if there was a desire and lose my music. Hear how it sounds. It was recorded earlier in the Belorussian radio if it is preserved in the archives, there she is. Thank you very much. "
Man: "Good morning, Radio Liberty. For you calling Noble Donor Republic of Belarus. I’m on the abolition of privileges. If there is no money in the state, let Lukashenko sell own "Boeing" and "Mercedes". Then will the means. Thank you. "

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